Any good resources for consensus/consent decision making processes? The urban farm on which I live is seeking to cooperatively purchase our property and we're looking to hone in decision-making practices.

@appleseed My formal training in facilitation was through RoundSky in the Colllab system, which I've found to be pretty useful:

@appleseed My partner's organization uses the approach described in Food Not Bombs co-founder C.T. Butler's book with Amy Rothstein:
In my experience, it is good to role play decision-making procedures several times to get used to the flow and think about how to deal with difficulties.

@appleseed Hey Zac, this workshop outline seems like a good starting point for a group workshop on . (You would want to adapt it)
I have used an activity called that can be very useful for recognizing individual and group dynamics. Another thought is to practice a consensus technique, then play , taking time to use consensus decision-making any time the group has to answer a question.

@appleseed Try the resources at: they've been training groups in consensus decision making for 15 years or so. Also a workers' co-op.

@appleseed check Sociocracy for All if you want to know about consent decision making

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