Greetings, I'm a organizer based in Colorado Springs. I run Colorado Springs Food Rescue (a 501c3), and have interests ranging from public health policy to democratically-owned companies. Our organization is currently conducting two feasibility studies on social enterprises, and I'm very interested in engraining a worker-ownership model into these enterprises.

@appleseed Welcome! Have you checked out It'd be great to get a CS study circle group going!

@strypey @appleseed @ntnsndr What about framasoft? I like the idea of helping existing projects grow and cultivate denser networks of federation and use...

@mattnoyes @ntnsndr @appleseed what aspect of #Framasoft? Aren't they a multi-package hosting outfit like @disroot ?

@appleseed Also maybe check in with @care_save at Rocky Mountain Farmers Union. She does co-op development work, and the org has a long history working with co-op food systems.

@ntnsndr @care_save Thanks for the recommendation! I know Dan Hobbs of RMFU, and I'd love to learn more about their work.

@appleseed @ntnsndr @care_save I am very much interested in helping to organize a CS study group. I will be in COS as of the 10th of April, so any time after that.

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