I'm working on building out a cooperative alliance of 30+ food rescue organizations, and we're seeking advice on examples of governance structures. What're your favorite cooperative networks, & how do they function?

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Yay! Is this Food Rescue Alliance?

What kinds of challenges are you thinking of? There are so many different sorts of examples.

@ntnsndr @Matt_Noyes @appleseed @bhaugen @mattcropp @emi @nicksellen @dazinism yeah, what @ntnsndr said, but as a starter for 5 I think some 'killer apps' for great co-op networks are:

1) Systematically pool resources.

Often a % of revenue and/or profit (e.g. Arizmendi, VAWC, Modragon).

Sometimes hours of time (e.g. Radical Routes, and I think also Arizmendi also have a formula based on number FTE employees or something)

This is the #1 most important thing imho, but also...

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3) Nested circle governance e.g. Sociocracy, this conf in Feb looks great probably the best single resource on Sociocracy too.

See also this Sociocracy 101 online workshop on 11 Nov 2020 run by UK co-op Outlandish (who helped start the CoTech network of UK tech worker co-ops)

@appleseed My two favorite co-op networks/associations. Not sure what you can take from them, but they might be worth checking out:

Here's an article about one of VAWC's programs:

@appleseed is interesting. Been going for decades & handles notable sums of money.
Most of the organising happens at weekend gatherings (shifted to on-line), that happen 3 (i think) times a year, where there is also skills training & socialising.

Probably should of said 'a considerable chunk of the organising happens...'

Is something like what you are working on?
They are also associated with which might also be an interesting model for you to think about.
Here's a map of their partners.

@appleseed specifically regarding "food rescue" orgs, I'm familiar with, which is made up of many regional parts, with various centralized functions.

Then out of that project came our more internationally focused approach at which is totally non-centralized, each group is independent, we aim to support more peer-level connections between nearby groups in the future...

What would the role of the alliance be relative to the individual orgs?

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