What are your thoughts on Nick Srincek's fatalistic attitude on platform capitalism? *still need to read the book*

@appleseed I find his pessimism helpful -- it is good to have a clear sense of just how big the problems are -- but his treatment of alternatives is superficial and he doesn't have an eye for points of leverage and opportunity. A good contrast is Kim Moody's book On New Terrain which sees the logistics industry (very platform intensive) in terms of the opportunities if offers for worker organizing and collective action. Others?
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Here's a short prezi I made on Platcap vs Platcoop for a talk at our Platform Cooperativism Japan group.

@Matt_Noyes I freaking LOVE this president. So simple and clear!

@emi I imagine Mr Trump will be glad to know you appreciate his communication style...😀

@Matt_Noyes sorry, i forgot to add COHERENT to the list...!

@emi You are nice, but your skills are much better than mine.

@Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist @richdecibels @mattcropp @emi @risabee @ntnsndr @appleseed I asked Nick Srnicek a question about platform coops at an event a couple of years back ( - his answer is here at 1:26:08 ( - apologies for the Google link, that's where the event host posted the recording).

Summed up at the end: "I like them, I support them, but I don't think they're going to transform capitalism." 🤔

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