Hello there, I'm Andreaw from Indonesia. I'm working in a fintech p2p lending company in Indonesia. We are the only fintech company in Indonesia being owned by a coop. Our main focus is to enable communities of SMEs to get access to loans and support. I'm here to learn more from you guys and finding inspiration about what other people have done in other parts of the world. So that maybe I can apply it in my country.

@andreawfeng May I suggest a focus on support as opposed to loan? Being a practitioner of #worldremit partnerships between #locationlucky folks like me who can spare a couple of 100 euros/months and middle class friends e.g. in Lagos for whom receiving 100 Euros/month makes a difference, I can’t help advising against loans. To dare certain projects, you need to know the cash is truly yours, no strings attached, no payback, and that there is more coming, preferably for a defined time.


@Troim Thank you for the suggestion!
Why do you think that loan is not effective?
Do you think that giving them capital through equity is better than a loan?

@andreawfeng To take on a loan, thoughtful folks will need very good odds, a prerequisite that in turn excludes a lot of promising initiatives. Give them cash they don‘t need to pay back, a minimum level of material security, and a whole new range of options come within reach. Not all will succeed in what they dare, but you can trust those who do to remember how they got started, and fund the next round.

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