Hello there, I'm Andreaw from Indonesia. I'm working in a fintech p2p lending company in Indonesia. We are the only fintech company in Indonesia being owned by a coop. Our main focus is to enable communities of SMEs to get access to loans and support. I'm here to learn more from you guys and finding inspiration about what other people have done in other parts of the world. So that maybe I can apply it in my country.

@andreawfeng hello from a fellow Indonesian! (though I don't live there anymore). fintech and coop sounds like an interesting combination!


@michel_slm Hello Michel, didn't expect to find a fellow Indonesian in this platform. Nice to meet you.
Done right, it is gonna be an interesting combination. The goal of fintech is to realize financial inclusion, and what is the best tool to realize that other than coop? The coop as the base and we expand the reach using technology.

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