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Catalyst Project's curriculum readings to support action to stop conflict with Iran, including Iran history, history of US-Iran conflict, timelines, etc:

The current MacBook line is a great blessing for the makers of compressed-air electronics "dusters". 🧹

Interesting in-depth analysis supporting the claim that Bernie is better placed than Warren or Biden to win an election against Trump.

"Bernie Is the Candidate Who Can Beat Trump. Here’s Why."

I don't know who needs to hear this, but Singapore has salmon "ATMs".

I've been struggling to write up notes on my reading this year, but I managed to get one in just before the holidays! My notes on Ibram Kendi's "How To Be An Antiracist":

"But questions of gender are also about how broader perceptions of authority and authenticity are transmitted, and by whom, and what all of this tells us about who we are meant to trust and who we instinctively don’t, often without regard to actual records of truthfulness."

"Being able to see through the obfuscation emanating from dominant channels and crucially, to challenge these misguided narratives, is something candidates must be able to do once in office. Their responses to the Bolivian coup give us some idea of how they would comport themselves if elected."

"His [Sanders'] energy, candor, conviction, and ability to bring people together stand against the current of opportunism, moral compromise, and partisanship which runs rampant on the American political scene. He and a few others like him have the power to restore principle and leadership in Congress and to win back the faith of a voting public weary and wary of political opportunism." -- P. Buttigieg

@nolan It's the difference in how we consume media now I'd bet

There used to be a lot more serendipity in my blog reading: I'd get introduced to a new author and read the backlog of posts that they had. Even more interesting if they had changing opinions over time.

Now, even with my RSS feed, I find that new authors are pretty rare adds and most of my news comes from third party aggregators (HN, Social Media, etc)

It's Community vs Mass Marketing :/

I'm a speculative fiction writer looking for worker-owners willing to talk about their work at a co-op.It is research for a novel series I'm working on. Any takers? For more details on work I've done here's a link:

Boosts appreciated!

Plurletariat is a zine for leftie technoheads and I had to run here to tell @ehashman

"Thanks to certain essential media decisions about what matters (especially when it comes to gluing eyeballs to screens), we’re eternally in close-up. It isn’t just that Donald Trump is somewhat overweight. He’s the sumo wrestler as president. He fills the screen. Every screen. All the time.

Thanks to the media, he’s impeaching us."

"Making programs universal frames them as rights — something that everyone gets just by virtue of being a person. Whether we’re talking about rights like the right to free speech or the right to a K-12 public education, once a “right” becomes embedded in the social fabric, it’s far more politically dangerous for conservatives to openly try to take it away."

A rebuttal of the above article, pointing out that it is based on outdated data, and that it misses the system view of the problem:

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