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Would love to see some people join the IRC channel for Platform Cooperativism:

We are on the Freenode server

The most powerful message you can send friends is "we can communicate and make plans without Facebook"

Mouse and Dash demonstrate the correct application of Black Friday.

My thoughts on how to write more effective job postings: "How To Write Better Job Descriptions" ✅💼

The follow-up, "Refactoring the Mirrortocracy" ( is pretty good, too. Good advice on hiring and biases.

It's sad to think that these essays are 4 years old but not much, if anything, has changed.

I can't believe I hadn't come across this essay until now: "Inside the Mirrortocracy" (

It's full of wonderful. 😻

The 2018 State of JavaScript survey is out. They got 20,000 responses and have some delicious, delicious data. I'mma thread in some highlights:

Recently I've found myself annoyed by how we throw the around the terms "professionalism" and "being professional".

So I wrote about it: "What Are We Saying When We Say 'Professional'?"

Cat is like dog, but better.

Dog is the inverse of god.

Ergo: cat > dog > god


I wrote up my thoughts on "Lean Out: The Struggle for Gender Equality in Tech and Start-Up Culture":

I tried out the "dictation" functionality in Ulysses (a writing app). Now I'm revising and editing and I see that it transcribed "middle age" as "mutilation". My focus is shot.

Thanks, technology.

New England always makes me want to knit more. I think there is something about the weather and landscape and a sense of coziness, and I find myself admiring everyone's sweaters and socks and wanting to make some. 🧦🧣

A friend sent me a very sweet and encouraging note mentioning that he came across my blog post on Hacker News.

This led to me accidentally clicking on the Hacker News link and reading the first couple of comments.

Amazing how I used to think HN was a good source of news, and now it just seems to be an alternate universe. Bizarre.

When you hear "executive-level", what do you take that to mean? As in "We are seeking someone with executive-level experience".

Do you take it to mean "C-suite" or "director level and above" or "has managed before" or something altogether different?

"Fact remains—launch determines orbit, and Torres got a launch in life that put him low and in decay from the start. You just give it time and watch the sky." -- Richard K. Morgan, "Thin Air"

On day 9 of my publish-some-writing-every-day challenge, some things that have been helping me keep at it: "Tactics to Keep Up Your Motivation"

Thinking about all the surprising parts of doing software engineering work -- like the hours spent getting the friggin' build to work -- I wrote down a list of some of the Things Nobody Told Me About Being a Software Engineer:

Nobody tells you that professional software engineering is 98% figuring out make your build and tooling work, and 2% actually designing and writing code.

I'm quite curious about the experiences of folks on here at -- if any of you has worked in co-operative and other more self-organized structures, can you share if/how were "performance evaluations" done? And, relatedly, did compensation have any component related to "performance"? (And if so, how did that work?)

Following on my recent musings about performance management and judgement vs metrics, I wonder out loud: Why Do We Have “Performance Evaluations”, Anyway?

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