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Why is there still no official unicode lolsob emoji? Such an obvious oversight!

Chri La Tray's newsletter is always very good, but this last installment is indescribably beautiful, despite the tragedies it speaks of.

When your city is so well known for yeeting people out of windows that the Wikipedia page on the topic has a section titled "Further Defenestrations". 馃樄

It's not "Uncle Vlady", it's "Dyadya Vova". Get your facts straight, you heathens.

Someone should do a dictionary app startup and apply to YC.

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Pet peeve of the day: people using "radical" to mean "bravely contrarian", instead of what the word actually means.

Begin again.
Be still.
You belong in this beautiful moment.
Bob like a soap bubble on the breeze, bright and voluptuous.
Be like a bee, bumbling from bud to bud.
Become the blissful being you are.
Breathe out.
Being again.

Appliance surveillance: The fridge tells me that my partner was awake and rooting in the freezer at 2 AM. For someone our there this could lead to awkward questions, or worse.

If you're interested in exploring what a collectively owned web-based operating system designed to cultivate networks of mutual aid and mutual benefit
@anaulin and I will be doing an ensemble coding session tomorrow as we work on some of the (blockchain free!) financial infrastructure tomorrow from 6pm to 8pm PT at

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Google boldly stepping into the unapologetic freemium space, at long last. Se acab贸 lo que se daba.

Only lick with enthusiastic consent of the recipient!

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