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I'm just going to call them to-do cups from now on. ✅

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I just got a coffee and it did not come in a to-do cup. I had forgotten this is a thing.

👀 👂🏼 🤔 🌳

(From a pole on Telegraph in Temescal.)

I just published an interview with Alfredo Lopez, founder and long-time board member of May First, a co-op serving the technology needs of leftist movements. He talks about May First's vision, goals, governance, and more.

Listen or read here:

Another interview with a worker: I spoke with Marve Romero, cleaner and worker-owner of the cleaning platform Up & Go.

This is part of a collaboration between the Tech Workers Coalition and Data & Society. Spanish and English versions available.

Hat tip to my cat, Mouse, who alerted me of this extremely interesting situation.

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you ever think about the cumulative mental toll that marketing and advertising have on us? In ways we don't even understand, never mind quantify. We're under constant psychological warfare, and we pay for it! Like with our actual money

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I just published an inspiring conversation with Devney Hamilton, a developer with the Sassafras Tech Collective. She talks about her journey to co-ops, Sassafras, and prefigurative design, among other things.

Listen and/or read here:


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