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It's is disturbingly dark in San Mateo this morning, and I hear the same in other parts of the Bay Area.

Don't understand quite why -- the air quality today isn't as it's worst, so where has the light gone?

According to Le Guin, "The grave is without egg."

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Is there a cooperatively owned eBook platform? Similar to #Resonate?

(Boosts welcome!)

#Coops | #Coop | #LearnLog

A group of Berliner skaters named a small skating spot in after Anthony Huber, who went against the terrorist in armed only with his skateboard, paying with his life. There's a petition to make the name official.

Double Union, a makerspace in San Francisco, is moving and giving away for free (some items for symbolic, flexible price) some furniture and odds and ends we can't take with us. Help us clear out our space. 🙏🏼


Note that in metric it is the five minute rule. 🍳


The five second rule only really applies to cooked eggs

🐦🔗: publishing is celebrating its 5th birthday by offering free downloads of Hugo nominee The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps, by Kai Ashante Wilson, the first book they ever published.

It's never been easier to check out some top-quality queer black fantasy fiction.

#KaiAshanteWilson #SFFBookClub

A selection from yesterday. On the Trillium Falls trail, in Redwood National Park.

Mutual Aid (Asking for $10 for keeping webhosting up this month) 

A highlight from last evening. Moonstone Beach, near Trinidad, CA.

"Besides, we have no choice. Ask some­one try­ing to cob­ble togeth­er a liv­ing as an Uber dri­ver or Instacart work­er how well the pow­er of a tech indus­try com­plete­ly unchecked by labor pow­er is serv­ing them. Either we orga­nize tech, or it will orga­nize the rest of us to serve it."

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