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I am Black, queer, nonbinary, & an unabashed people person. MD/PhD student in NYC; trying to escape with my sanity & ethics intact. Learning to value kindness over cleverness.

Lots of boosts & personal posts here; to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Listing some things I like until I reach the character limit: tarot, storytelling, video games, worldbuilding, non-vocal music, sci-fi/fantasy (esp from people often erased from our vision of the future), plants, & you (probably).

sell me your art 



Incredible 'lightning rainbows' illuminate UK skies


Ugh, this book was Not Good. I managed to abandon it without finishing, which is a personal triumph of sorts.

My notes on "The Four Agreements":

In desperation? shamelessness? security that they will get away with it? Fox News simply has started showing fabricated images to try to make the very peaceful Seattle Capitol Hill autonomous zone like a war zone.

Join us! Even if you're not literally in/from SF (I'm not).


We're kicking off an 8-week online reading group on The End of Policing and other works on police abolition. Thursday evenings starting June 25. Sign up here:


Omg. loveforbutter's next bake includes croissants and chocolate croissants. 馃構

Highly recommended, if you're on the SF Bay Peninsula.

This workshop seems like a good low-key way to connect with others that want to take a stand, and do some soothing crafty things together at a distance.

Sad I can't make it


Even if you are being careful because of COVID or can't get to a protest, you can still make a sign and wave it at your nearest street corner.

It's time to make a sign and take a stand.


Can't help but LOL at Fred Glass' using the term "grasstops" to refer to grassroots leadership. 馃樄

(Excerpt from "From Mission to Microchip")

This whole thread, from a Minneapolis councilperson, is a good look into how fundamentally rotten American policing has become. I particularly enjoyed the "the police union is not a real union" explainer. 馃尮

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I want to be clear: I am about as pro-union as a person can be. The Police Federation should not be thought of as a union. They do not affiliate with the AFL-CIO. They don鈥檛 walk picket lines in solidarity. How do I know? Because I do and I鈥檝e never seen them on a line. Not once.


Woke up to find this in a message from my partner, and it is nice to feel so seen. 馃樄

What are all y'all's trusted sources for reporting and/or analysis about the ongoing protests?

In today's issue of the, writes a lovely and profound invitation to reflect on our relationship to the tech industry we work in.

Read it here:

And subscribe!

Every day is a new chapter. A blank page. What will you write in it?

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