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"Unlike gun control, Marlow said, β€œSurveillance is politically palatable, and so they’re pursuing surveillance as a way you can demonstrate action, even though there’s no evidence that it will positively impact the problem.”"

@anaulin Zuckerberg, a billionaire: billionaires are "people who do really good things and kind of help a lot of other people"

Also Zuckerberg: "They just trust me. Dumb fucks"

"Zuckerberg’s plea for the billionaire class is above all else deeply anti-democratic, casting doubt on the huddled masses’ ability to decide what’s best for themselves while repeating myths that the public sector is doomed to be wasteful and stagnant."

And remember, #NetNeutrality is not an "Obama-era rule." It was a fundamental part of the internet from the very beginning, but only came under attack in recent years after streaming internet video arose as a new competitor to cable television.

Torn between being horrified and genuinely curious. Could be good. πŸπŸŒ―πŸ€”


My dad got a burrito in a Buffalo NY suburb last week and instead of rice it had chopped up spaghetti in tomato sauce



(notes cntd.)
* CU co-op shared branching is a thing (thanks @elplatt for this tip). It is nice to join a CU that participates in this, as it gives you more possibilities if you care about physical branch access. Locator here:
* From recommendations on here and online, kept coming up as a good option. For SF Bay Area folks, also keeps coming up as recommended.
* Didn't find much about retirement savings, yet.

Quick notes on what I've learned from the advice on here and some of my own research:
* A lot (most? all?) of CUs have membership requirements of various sorts; sometimes that involves e.g. donating to a particular charity, which could be a deal-breaker if you're not into that charity
* There doesn't seem to be much published in terms of comparing CUs. NerdWallet has some lists comparing them, but it is unclear to me what their motivations and objectivity are.

Can someone recommend a good resource on moving off of corporate banking and to more socially responsible alternatives, like credit unions?

In particular, curious about how one would get and evaluate the alternatives. Both for everyday checking account type stuff and for retirement savings (eg alternatives to Vanguard?), ideally.

Thx πŸ™πŸ’—

Haunted by all the things I should have said.

Calling all PhD-students doing research on platform coops -- check-out this workshop in Utrecht, the Netherlands, 9 December 2019. Contact for details.

If you have freelance income and want to funnel your retirement savings in the economy, is organizing a cohort of 100 folks to set up self-directed solo 401ks by the end of the year. Check this form for more details and to sign up to be part of the cohort! Today, October 3rd, there is a little root tendril starting to form. I opted to go with the water propagation method. Here was my initial setup, on September 23rd.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally got around to starting the process or propagating the succulent cutting I got from the exchange.


Come to our free plant swap on Saturday August 10 from 12-2 pm! Bring extra succulent cuttings, seeds, seedlings, and plants, or simply show up. This is about having fun with gardening without needing to buy much. All women and nonbinary people invited:


The ignominy of having to drink Starbucks!


i live for details like β€œuber employees are upset that the free coffee at work has been switched from stumptown to Starbucks”


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