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Evergreen mood.

RT computers were a mistake


"Mammoth tree" is such a great name for a sequoia. Descriptive.

Late stage capitalism and its expectation of constant so-called growth.


Who managed to screw the world up to such a degree that increased automation hasn’t led to shorter workweeks and better quality of life for people?


The lie is a lie. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

"We took a vote on whether to encourage retirement savings or have a certain office snack. The snacks won. This is why startups are awesome."


In 2001, our startup had to vote whether we wanted beef jerky snacks or 401k. We couldn't afford both. Jerky won.

We figured a happy team could outperform the tax benefit.

Startups aren't a bet on a market. Or a bet on investors. It's a bet on yourself.



RT But, think how much more you could get done if you didn’t waste all your time solving important problems!



RT Capitalism can only pay for things that have value by virtue of keeping them away from the people who need them.


I hope it days "Exterminate!" at regular intervals.


ah just what I needed at the grocery store, an ominous roving robot obelisk



RT @CuriousQuail

What doesn’t come across in these photos is just how big he is. He’s a large cat but he is built like a fucking pitbull and is MADE OF MUSCLE with giant murderfloof paws.

Like. We have a colony full of rescue cats but Mr. Snow is a BEAST and seeing him get that much air RULES


No, I'm not going to rate my transaction. I'm such a rebel. πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€

This foreword is possibly the best I've read yet -- part mini-memoir, part reflection on the Parable of the Sower. So relatable and human and just πŸ’—πŸ˜». Read it.

(Small spoilers of Parable of the Sower included, but I'm sure you've read that book already, so no big deal.)

RT @nkjemisin

Grand Central is reissuing Octavia Butler's PARABLE OF THE SOWER soon, and I was honored to provide a foreward, which you can read here. (Uh, spoilers tho, if you haven't read the books. Why haven't you? Go read them.)


I just got an email from someone who works in "Talent Attraction", and I think that's the best name for recruiting I've seen yet. 😻

And how does a "world-class" engineer compare to a "quality" one?

What is a "world-class engineer"? Is that a thing? How do you tell who is "world-class"? What do you really mean by that?

Are these heartless asshats the same ones that refuse to adopt black cats because they are black? I just can't.

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