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@emi Aww, thanks! It was not for me, but for some former colleagues that had to deal with some sh*t today.

Do we have something like a , but for "reorgs" and "restructurings"?

@tcat Did you ever figure out the answer to this?

This toot of yours is the best my internet searches brought up! 😹

The guy at the next table at the coffee shop is reading a Jordan Peterson book. I'm gonna need more croissants. 😿πŸ₯


From β€œMe sleeping through all my alarms without feeling bad about it πŸ˜΄β€


Love this environmentalist + room escape geek pin from .

They have some of the best games in the Barcelona region, too. 😻

WTF we're still waiting for flight VY 8318, delayed over 8 hours now. No information given to passengers. Flight still listed as "delayed to 14:30", tho it's already 16:40. At least communicate!

So real.


How any of these people think a single person on that throne ruling everything is manageable is beyond me but WHAT DO I KNOW my country legislates the bodies of like half of our population and ensures people go into debt if they get sick.


I reject the idea that wanting everyone to have acceptable healthcare is somehow "becoming radicalized".

We should be asking instead what happened to those to not want universal healthcare. What kind of trauma damaged their ability to empathize?


When did you become radicalized by the U.S. health care non-system?


Evergreen mood.

RT computers were a mistake


"Mammoth tree" is such a great name for a sequoia. Descriptive.

Late stage capitalism and its expectation of constant so-called growth.


Who managed to screw the world up to such a degree that increased automation hasn’t led to shorter workweeks and better quality of life for people?


The lie is a lie. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

"We took a vote on whether to encourage retirement savings or have a certain office snack. The snacks won. This is why startups are awesome."


In 2001, our startup had to vote whether we wanted beef jerky snacks or 401k. We couldn't afford both. Jerky won.

We figured a happy team could outperform the tax benefit.

Startups aren't a bet on a market. Or a bet on investors. It's a bet on yourself.


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