Some notes on IETF RFC 7282, which describes consensus-building at the IETF: "Rough Consensus And Group Decision Making In The IETF"

@Matt_Noyes @Manuela Thanks for the pointer, it does indeed look interesting! I'll add it to my reading list. πŸ‘πŸΌ

Commission I did for a friend who wanted a warm-toned landscape. #illustration #art #original

Some thoughts prompted by a recent conversation about the culture of the "corporate family": On Teams, Families and Crews

I liked these patterns so much, I made myself some pillows with them.

You can get yours here:

i like mastodon because you can hang out there. at tw*tter you have to always be standing. on this website you can let it all slide

Someone should tell the Kindle engagement team that different months have different number of days. Comparing day counts month over month isn't a great metric.

Playing with nested squares and color. Simple, but effective.

A blog post looking back at my rate of playing escape rooms, and some observations on repetitive escape room themes: "I Play A Lot Of Escape Rooms, But Not Too Many: A Personal Retrospective And A Wish"

I'm calling this "fingers", because it was inspired by something that looked to me like reaching fingers. Funny how varying a couple of parameters makes it look nothing like a finger.


@nicksellen None of this has anything to do with my original post.

If you want to talk through your leadership issues, I'd be happy to discuss a coaching schedule and my fee (sliding scale available).

@nicksellen That's weird. I can't find the word "affirmation" anywhere in that page you linked to. They do talk about "inner voices", and what you described as an "affirmation" is what they describe as an example of a possible inner voice.

There seems to be a really big different between the classic "positive affirmation" idea and talking about "inner voices".

I guess you're right -- the way you are projecting your preconceptions does not align at all with what I'm seeing.

Automatic generation of something Mondrian-like. Circles still winning, tho.

@nicksellen I think you are projecting a lot of your own assumptions here. I never said anything about affirmations, let alone about success and "deserving", or about becoming some weird image of what you think "leaders" are supposed to be.

Agreed about the picture seeming insensitive -- I confess I didn't notice it. Doubly insensitive if the person in the picture was homeless, which I have no reason to believe they are (seems clean and well dressed -- again, assumptions).

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