@flancian 🧵 is often used, as well as "(1/x)" or "(1/?)" (as @redoak points out.

@ntnsndr @Matt_Noyes @bhaugen @emi @mattcropp @michaelafisher @beckett So is it in essence a "democratic community" or "cooperative online community" or something along those lines?

@ntnsndr @Matt_Noyes @bhaugen @emi @mattcropp @michaelafisher @beckett What's your goal with giving it a name?

It seems like you're emphasizing the "doesn't need a legal structure" part in your description, which might be relevant in a particular taxonomy (personally the legal bits are the parts that interest me the least about social.coop and other coops).

COMPOST ISSUE 02 is already here! An awesome, beautiful, insightful effort by @compost about alternative networks built on care & solidarity. We're smitten!

Read it here: two.compost.digital/

we're entering a guacamole contest and will probably be banned 

@tripofmice Those look / sound amazing!

These are Nat and Tat. This is their first appearance. Please admire.

I'm just going to call them to-do cups from now on. ✅

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I just got a coffee and it did not come in a to-do cup. I had forgotten this is a thing.

👀 👂🏼 🤔 🌳

(From a pole on Telegraph in Temescal.)

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