I'm seeing all these memes and jokes about cats being annoyed that their humans are home, and I don't get it. Our cats seem to be delighted to have a human to camp on top of 24x7.

I wrote about the idea of โ€œgoing back to normalโ€ after COVID. But normal was broken, too: notebook.lachlanjc.me/2020-03-

"[...] the Secretary of the Interior has ordered that our reservation be disestablished and that our land be taken out of trust. Not since the [...] the mid-twentieth century has a Secretary taken action to disestablish a reservation."


"Congress could have addressed these and other emergencies by writing and passing spending bills without the need for so-called pay-fors. If the votes are there, the money can always be made available."

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"The government canโ€™t run out of money, but it can run out of things to buy (including labor). We are constrained by our real resources โ€” i.e. our technical know-how and the available supply of workers, factories, machines, raw materials, and so on."

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"That wonโ€™t always be the case. It always comes down to inflation risk. How much can the economy handle โ€” in terms of higher spending โ€” before you need the offsets?"

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"No one is bothering to try to offset โ€” i.e. โ€œpay forโ€ โ€” that spending, because the goal is to get lots of money to people (and companies) without subtracting a lot away. As Rep. Ocasio-Cortez correctly points out, Congress is doing now what it could always have done."

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Explanation of how it is possible to "pay for" big bills things like the stimulus package, by a former chief economist from the U.S. Senate Budget Committee (2015/16):


@Greg Thank you! I'll do what I can in these strange times.

Deleted PagerDuty and Jira apps from my phone. Sabbatical, here we come.


Only through the power of email can we get people to log off their social media accounts

are humans artificial cuz were made by humans ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

i move that "listen up dipshits and sensible people" should become the traditional way all mayors begin all of their public addresses from this point forward

if anyone feels like helping me fill these out, i'd actually really appreciate it. I don't know what the SBA loan offer specifics even are, but every little bit of extra income right now would help us stay afloat until we can start making money:


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Learn which party represents your fiscal policy leanings with the Duck Sized Horses Test:

"Would you rather fund 2 million un(der)-employed people at $2 thousand per month or 2 thousand over-leveraged grifters at $2 million per month?"

Today's edition of the CoVid Bay Area newsletter is nicely sober-but-positive -- in their opinion all the right things are happening (except maybe widespread testing). Read and subscribe here: covidbayarea.org/update/3-19-2

This week's History.Expert posts:

๐Ÿ’€ The Plague Hag: history.expert/the-plague-hag/

โœ’๏ธ Guest Post: Art History, Science And The Formation Of Blackness Within The White Gaze โ€“ Part One: history.expert/the-formation-o

๐Ÿ–ผ๏ธ Virtual Museum Tours In The Time Of Covid-19: history.expert/virtual-museum-

๐Ÿ“š If you like studying/writing about history and would like to guest blog, @ me. :boost_ok:

hey if anyone on the fediverse has a screen printer i'll pay you $5 for every custom patch you print and mail to me

please boost so i can find someone

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A global "pivot to video", but, instead of to video, to doing things that keep people and other living things alive

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