People who moved to Mastodon from Twitter in recent months:

How you feelin about it?

Please don't feel I'm asking you to pledge allegiance or Engage In Discourse
There's an obvious selection bias cause you're still here to read this, anyway.

Just, we've all had the welcome wagon out and the fediverse has been praising itself a lot. But like, I dunno. Curious how it's sitting with y'all on a personal basis

Learning to sew by making a tote bag. Used fabric scraps from the East Bay Center for Creative Reuse.

It's fun how quick this is, compared to knitting.

#FediTips and not a subtoot: if you are streaming a thread of toots from brain to keyboard, you can set your first reply as "Unlisted", and then reply to each successive toot. It'll keep the replies from overwhelming people (incl. your local timeline), but interested parties can still follow the thread.


I came to say that having a nice footrest has saved my (literal) ass in the past at offices where I couldn't adjust the chair / desk. This is apparently common for short folks with thicc thighs like myself.

I enjoyed this one:

Cyclists taking over Market in Oakland today. No idea what the event is, but I rode with them for a bit on my way home.

People on the birbsite (where the toot above was reposted) have suggested so far: and Instagram for sewing logs

For buying: (local to SF Bay Area, don't seem to have online store)

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As a knitter starting to sew (and embroider), I have a question for y'all experienced sewists: is there something like Ravelry, but for sewing? (or embroidery?)

And where do you like to buy affordable fabric online?

Thank you for any tips/pointers!

Are there examples of a using the ?

Right now uses the ( as a way to prevent non-commercial use while granting broad usage for non-commercial entities; with an explicit "If you're a , you can get an unlimited properitary commercial license for free" policy.

seems to support licensing to for commercial use, which seems perfect!

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