Going live on , hacking with @anaulin and Sadie! Starting with getting Sadie's machine going; then moving forward with Marketplace.

is a "big tent" cooperative, with the intention that anyone who wants to show up and contribute can become worker-owners.

Our Wednesday sessions are to build cohesion + momentum; and getting people onboarded is 100% part of that!

Follow along here: convene.zinc.coop/livestream

A new cooperative boardgame from one of my favorite game designers is in the works! This one is about fighting climate change.


@dumpsterqueer they are also "established, mission-driven and hyper-growth", if that helps

@woodbark nice! In my case it's accidental -- I don't have an employer per se, and us that emoji as the name of my employer, because you can't leave it blank

When recruiters do a mail-merge with data harvested from LinkedIn and don't even bother double-checking their data.

Yep, my experience at 馃樆 really recommends me. 馃檭

A little bit of a late start for @anaulin and I's live stream!


Join if you wanna chit-chat as we work to build the digital solidarity economy!

About to start hacking on w/@anaulin! Continuing from the top of our Andromeda Milestone: github.com/zinc-collective/con

Join the stream and shoot the shit here: convene.zinc.coop/livestream

@jonny Settings > Apps > Clock, then "Stop", then "Clear Cache", then "Clear data"

@jonny Maybe you can try to "delete data" for the Clock app?

@Zee Thanks for explaining, that's very helpful!

If I understand correctly, you are showing that:
* pooling together to acquire the property and limiting the return on the initial investment
* even after considering all ongoing costs and buying the property at market rate
* it is possible to rent the units at lower-than-market rate successfully, in a sustainable fashion

Pretty cool.

@Zee I'm not familiar with the EBPREC analysis model. What do you mean by "reduces housing cost"? Is this cost to the renter? Or total cost of ownership to the property owner? Something else?

I'm very curious to understand more about how they think about these benefits (they don't seem to publish much publicly about this, without having to go to meetings, etc).

There appears to be a local shortage of Coke Zero cans, and this is how I know for sure that the American Empire is done for. 馃樄

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