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I set up my account for web monetization ( some months back, and got my first payment today.

I can already tell this is going to make me rich. πŸ’° 😹

Day 15

The planter is a little more sprouted, but unevenly so. The sprouts on the window-facing side are less leggy than the ones on the inside.

The seeds in the pot are starting to make their first set of "true" leaves.

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Day 11

The planter has mostly sprouted, except for some patches were seeds were too tight together.

The sprouts in the pot are going strong.

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Day 7

The seeds on the planter are visibly sprouting.

The seeds in the pot are preparing to take over the world.

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The "bonus seed goop" that I put in a pot didn't have to go through the drying process, and is already sprouting up.

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Day 4

This is a day after filling the planter with water, after letting the seeds dry out and stick to the planter for two days.

You can see the seeds starting to sprout.

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Is this a metaphor about United Front strategies? πŸ€” 🐝


Japanese honey bees have developed a defense against Asian giant hornets: if a hornet invades, the bees envelop it, beating their wings furiously until they cook and suffocate the hornet to death.

Unfortunately honey bees and native bees in N. America do not have this defense.


As a bonus, since I had some left over chia seed goop, I put it in a pot. We'll see what happens!

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Chia Unicorn, Day 1.

Now we wait for two days for the seeds to dry out on the planter.

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A friend discovered I didn't know what a chia pet is, so she got me one. Wish me luck!

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