2020: Websites now have a link to "improve connection" that cause a page reload for you.

(Screencap from rally.video)

I just learned how to make origami boxes, and I'm inordinately pleased with the results. πŸ“¦

Printed the paper myself, with patterns from robotmolecule.com

I forgot how fiddly it is to knit really small things. 😹

Here for you when you need something to prop your keyboard on.

I just received a Nintendo promotional email with a countdown timer in it.

I went down the rabbithole of "how does this even work", and the answer is interesting, and a little bit depressing.

A selection from yesterday. On the Trillium Falls trail, in Redwood National Park.

A highlight from last evening. Moonstone Beach, near Trinidad, CA.

This piece on police unions by Eve Ewing is not only well researched and reasoned, but it is stunningly written. 😻


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