@DoubleUnionSF@twitter.com Today, October 3rd, there is a little root tendril starting to form.

@DoubleUnionSF@twitter.com I opted to go with the water propagation method. Here was my initial setup, on September 23rd.

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Come to our free plant swap on Saturday August 10 from 12-2 pm! Bring extra succulent cuttings, seeds, seedlings, and plants, or simply show up. This is about having fun with gardening without needing to buy much. All women and nonbinary people invited: doubleunion.tumblr.com/post/18

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The ignominy of having to drink Starbucks!

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i live for details like β€œuber employees are upset that the free coffee at work has been switched from stumptown to Starbucks”


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This is one of my Lyft co-riders. Their name is Butterball.

I complain sometimes that the local Flora is trying to kill me. But maybe it's worth it?

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