This is one of my Lyft co-riders. Their name is Butterball.

I complain sometimes that the local Flora is trying to kill me. But maybe it's worth it?


From β€œMe sleeping through all my alarms without feeling bad about it πŸ˜΄β€


Love this environmentalist + room escape geek pin from .

They have some of the best games in the Barcelona region, too. 😻

"Mammoth tree" is such a great name for a sequoia. Descriptive.

I hope it days "Exterminate!" at regular intervals.


ah just what I needed at the grocery store, an ominous roving robot obelisk



RT @CuriousQuail

What doesn’t come across in these photos is just how big he is. He’s a large cat but he is built like a fucking pitbull and is MADE OF MUSCLE with giant murderfloof paws.

Like. We have a colony full of rescue cats but Mr. Snow is a BEAST and seeing him get that much air RULES


From a homepage of a company that purports to help you "build better teams". They'll optimize away all those pesky interpersonal interactions, and help you deal with all those scary "individuals".


Experimenting with putting this piece on something. What do you think?

If you like it, please vote for it on Threadless


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