The most recent Galaxy Brain newsletter analyzes the Musk text messages and comes to the conclusion that some of us have been pointing out for a while:

the "titans" of (tech, VC) industry aren't all that visionary or even smart. They are just folks like you and me, but with a lot more money and belief in their own bullshit.

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When recruiters do a mail-merge with data harvested from LinkedIn and don't even bother double-checking their data.

Yep, my experience at 😻 really recommends me. 🙃

First self-made garment. 👕

Pattern is Sonya Philip's Shirt #1, with some tweaks to make it a little more shaped, and a narrower neck opening.

Fabric is some Kaffe Fassett scrap I found at the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse.

Going to have to practice this bias tape neckline business a lot more. 😅

I'm reading Alison Bechdel's The Secret to Superhuman Strength and she's killing me. lolsob

I have decided to be less of a hoarder, and I am taking these to an eWaste / computer recycling center.

You're old when you remember being excited about a Palm product.

Learning to sew by making a tote bag. Used fabric scraps from the East Bay Center for Creative Reuse.

It's fun how quick this is, compared to knitting.

Cyclists taking over Market in Oakland today. No idea what the event is, but I rode with them for a bit on my way home.

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