Apparently dryers these days come with their proper open source license disclosures.

I set up my account for web monetization ( some months back, and got my first payment today.

I can already tell this is going to make me rich. πŸ’° 😹

Day 15

The planter is a little more sprouted, but unevenly so. The sprouts on the window-facing side are less leggy than the ones on the inside.

The seeds in the pot are starting to make their first set of "true" leaves.

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Day 11

The planter has mostly sprouted, except for some patches were seeds were too tight together.

The sprouts in the pot are going strong.

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Day 7

The seeds on the planter are visibly sprouting.

The seeds in the pot are preparing to take over the world.

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The "bonus seed goop" that I put in a pot didn't have to go through the drying process, and is already sprouting up.

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