Art for sale at a local coffee shop. The modern options are apparently prints, t-shirts, or NFT. 🤷‍♀️

@anaulin on the one hand I'm saddened it's come to this (digital scarcity seems like pretty much the thing we needed the least), on the other I guess if it's good for this individual artist and it's not damaging to others (or the environment; and I know that's a big if) I usually find it hard to object?

@flancian Yes, but does this benefit the artist? Folks around here have been putting e.g. their Venmo handles on street murals for tips, long before NFTs.

Are they making more money with the NFT gimmick than they did with their Venmos and Patreons?

Maybe the hype makes more $$$ for now. I honestly don't know.

Are folks prepared to maintain forever the URLs those NFTs point to? And carry the associated costs?

Seems like a big commitment to me, for uncertain gain.


@flancian (There is a separate convo about how there should be more open/public ways for these folks to get paid, if we can't manage a UBI or better subsidies for the arts.)

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