Google boldly stepping into the unapologetic freemium space, at long last. Se acabó lo que se daba.

@anaulin huh, I see this on my personal gcal but not my work one; not even the "Appointment schedule" option, no drop down at all in fact. I was going to be surprised if they showed this to already paying customers.

Also, sigh. :(

@anaulin oh, it's "just" trying to push G Workspace (née Suite) for an individual, so I guess we either have that feature somewhere else or we'll get it included at work.

Still, not a good look there, GOOG.

@Greg Yep, this is just them trying to push a feature that was previously available as a "premium" thing that free GCal users can get if they pay more money.

Unsurprising, but still gives me some Feelings.

@anaulin this is kind of like competing with similar products like Calenderly i think

@buoyantair The "appointment schedule" feature has existed in Google Calendar in the paid "GSuite" or Google Workspace version for quite a few years.

My point is that Google trying to push "premium" features to free GCal customers is a new thing, of the not-so-nice variety.

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