Zeynep Tufekci's latest newsletter makes some important points about how poorly the media is covering what is important about the Hunter Biden story: the obvious blackmail.


There is a lot of insight in this piece, including Tufekci's ongoing argument that we are in a war for attention, more than a war for (free) speech.

I also learned the term "whistle-drowning" (~ DDOSing of the media / public discourse), which seems like a handy word for these times.

Some quotes from the piece:

"Given the decreasing time available, what are the important questions, and how much attention should they get, and how?"

"Whistle-drowning is designed to flood the public a flurry of allegations that make it very difficult to concentrate on the important questions facing us."

"Such hack-and-dump operations are designed to blackmail people, and deter people from entering into politics."

"Wanton destruction of the personal privacy of any person who has ever come near a political organization is a vicious but effective means to smother dissent."


"Dissent requires the right to privacy: to be let alone in our vulnerabilities and the ability to form our thoughts and share them when we choose."

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"The media is still under some illusion that fairness and balance means devoting equal attention to allegations about, and stories potentially damaging to, both candidates--rather than devoting proportional attention to allegations and stories according to their credibility, scale, scope and importance."

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