It's is disturbingly dark in San Mateo this morning, and I hear the same in other parts of the Bay Area.

Don't understand quite why -- the air quality today isn't as it's worst, so where has the light gone?

Is this how the dinosaurs felt? 🤔🦕🦖🌚

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@kete Yep. Apparently right now something about sooty air in the upper layers blocking the light, with more breathable air lower down. With a prognosis of the worse air coming down into the air we breathe Real Soon Now. 🤷‍♀️

@jdaviescoates yes, but usually the air quality is bad when the visibility is bad. Today there is an exceptional situation of higher layers blocking the sun, lower layers not being as dirty.

As the NWS tweeted, "this is beyond the scope of our models":

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