Where can I find people who use RSS to consume feeds, and who republish the curated best articles of those feeds? I want to follow those peoples' republished feeds, in order to discover new feeds to add to my own reader (and new curators to follow).

You know, like twitter/mastodon, but for RSS. Like Google Reader. Or TheOldReader.

(I'm currently using News+
and TinyTinyRSS inside Sandstorm, so I don't have an easy way to republish articles.)


@abliss Great question. I'd love to see such a directory or list, too. Not exactly RSS-based, but Kicks Condor has been sharing links to others that curate content / build directories, and generally talking about the "digital gardens" movement: kickscondor.com/

Personally, I follow the shared links from my old time college friend Chema, who aligns pretty well with my interests: rinzewind.org/shared.xml

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