Very interesting analysis of the recent Supreme Court decision that discrimination against LGBT people constitutes sex discrimination:


"[...] sex, as a legal decision backed by the force of law, does not operate as a thing in itself but as a technology of governing. Because different agencies do different things, sex is called upon to do different kinds of work. Sometimes it is a tool for nation-building, as in marriage law. Sometimes it is a tool for surveillance, as in identity documents."

"In European and, later, American legal traditions, gender difference was codified in laws designed to limit the rights and resources available to white women (women of color were already controlled by racial regimes). Sex reclassification policies that harm transgender people therefore do so only incidentally [...] as a residual effect of the use of the categories of male and female to distribute rights and resources."

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" The structural privileges accorded to particular types of people—male, heterosexual, cisgender: that is, “heads” of households—are beginning to matter less as market logics favor fungibility over status."

"Attached to normative whiteness, the potency of sex as a distributive tool is diminishing, as Gorsuch’s opinion makes evident."

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