Dude 2: Hey, hehe... let's be Googley here! Pausing the meeting like this is really uncomfortable for Dude 1.

Me: And being credential checked or assumed ignorant, is awkward for black folks. Most black folk in tech tolerate this. Not me. I'm the other kind of black dude.


This whole thread is worth a read.

A thing that particularly bothers me is how "Googley" (and other similar terms at other companies) is used as code for "don't step out of line", without having to ever be explicit about what the expectations actually are.

"That's not Googley" --> you are breaking some in-group unspoken rule, and I am too lazy to try to articulate what that rule is

Early on during my time at Google I would use the term as a general word for "the right thing to do". I was so naive and unaware.

Had to learn the hard way that that's not what "Googley" means. I'm more conscious of the harm in such explicit in-group vs out-group language now.


What was your role in Google and is there a reason you no longer work there?

I was a Software Engineer, at various times worked as a TL and as a manager, as well.

I worked there for 9 years, left years ago now. Many reasons to leave -- but mainly I was increasingly frustrated/disappointed with the company.


Have you been involved with @humanetech , started by ex google employee Tristan Harris?

@anaulin @LeoSammallahti

Thanks Leo, for the mention. Ana, you are most welcome if you ever want to join. We are at the start of a reorganisation.. going into pyramid building business :)

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