My notes on a recent workshop I attended, called "Reprogramming Yourself":

@anaulin I feel scepticism towards this approach - the expectation that leaders need to be what people imagine they are (confident, wise, and knowledgable) - and when people fall short from that feeling to build themselves up with positive affirmations ("I deserve my success"") amongst other leaders.

Could we not have supportive/co-operative workplaces that don't demand so much from the leaders? Seems possibly a problem of giving too much status to them in the first place.

@anaulin I also find the image of the website quite insensitive:

What could be a homeless person sleeping in front of a door saying "you are going to be fine" - they are probably not going to be fine, - and perhaps they can do with some positive affirmations too :)

@anaulin oh, and also thanks for the writeup in the first place!

... I did enjoy reading Gerald Weinberg - On Becoming A Technical Leader

I put a couple of notes/quotes from it on

@nicksellen I think you are projecting a lot of your own assumptions here. I never said anything about affirmations, let alone about success and "deserving", or about becoming some weird image of what you think "leaders" are supposed to be.

Agreed about the picture seeming insensitive -- I confess I didn't notice it. Doubly insensitive if the person in the picture was homeless, which I have no reason to believe they are (seems clean and well dressed -- again, assumptions).

@anaulin ah yeah I was commenting on the content about the workshop from the link in your writeup (which includes the affirmations I mentioned).

I guess my thoughts don't resonate with your experience :)

@nicksellen That's weird. I can't find the word "affirmation" anywhere in that page you linked to. They do talk about "inner voices", and what you described as an "affirmation" is what they describe as an example of a possible inner voice.

There seems to be a really big different between the classic "positive affirmation" idea and talking about "inner voices".

I guess you're right -- the way you are projecting your preconceptions does not align at all with what I'm seeing.

@anaulin inner voices and affirmations seem like matching pairs to me, the inner voice says a negative thing and the affirmation works to overturn it - at least some Google searches link them πŸ˜€

I guess my main feeling is that I have never felt comfortable with any of the approaches of leadership that I've experienced. Partly I would have perhaps enjoyed more enlightened leadership and partly feel if people are sufficiently self empowered that a very different approach is appropriate.

@nicksellen None of this has anything to do with my original post.

If you want to talk through your leadership issues, I'd be happy to discuss a coaching schedule and my fee (sliding scale available).

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