Smol experiment in circle packing with pretty colors.

Source code:

Trying out more color variation, and thicker circles.

A square variant. Not as interesting with plain squares.

Vaguely less boring if I paint the squares with a linear gradient. But still feeling meh about these squares.

Circles are winning, so far.

Automatic generation of something Mondrian-like. Circles still winning, tho.

I liked these patterns so much, I made myself some pillows with them.

You can get yours here:

@anaulin that's cool. They're kind of not exactly fractals I guess, but they have the flavour of fractals - like if you squint your eyes it's a Mandelbrot set while having some kind of randomness in there. Plus the colours are pleasing.

@anaulin reminds me of "Mormon porn" that was a thing 8 years ago-you take a person wearing skimpy but not indecent clothing, then cover over everything that isn't bare flesh with (e.g.) a bubble pattern like these!

These are really cool looking!

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