According to First Round's "State of Startups 2018" survey[1], the top thing that keeps founders up at night is hiring good people.

And yet, the first book in the list of books these founders would recommend to other founders [2] is "Atlas Shrugged". Looking at the entire list, books about people leadership or decent management are a small minority. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

[1]: First Round State of Startups 2018:
[2]: State of Startups 2018 Book Recommendations:

@anaulin πŸ™„ Next time I interview at a startup, remind me to ask for the founder's book recommendations.

@anaulin I need good people! I need to shit on everyone because my vision demands it! I need to shit on good people!

Just launched a startup. this describes our CEO...disturbingly well.

@anaulin I wonder how many of them have actually read that dense tome? Or is it something that those people all feel they *should* read (or say they read)? Regardless, it is disturbing that it is on the list at all, let alone the first thing.

(For the record, I read it long ago in my mid twenties after a false start in high school. I mostly remember characters delivering long polemics and finding it unconvincing in too many ways. It doesn't seem to have left a lasting mark on me or my values.)

Yeah, that's a good question. I've read it, and mostly it read like a mediocre novel, with some yucky philosophy thrown in. I remember being really angry at some passage where they talked about "those people in India" that are "unwilling to pick themselves from the gutters" or some such nonsense.

The impression the book left was on me was of mediocre writing, mediocre thinking, lack of empathy and zero understanding of power and privilege dynamics. No wonder it's the Bible of the mirrortocracry.

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