I wrote up my thoughts on "Lean Out: The Struggle for Gender Equality in Tech and Start-Up Culture": anaulin.org/blog/book-notes-le

Thanks for this review! I find that most "solutions" for the problems that plague tech start from a shallow/non-existent analysis of 21st century capitalism and are mired in liberalism that holds that the only suggestions we can entertain are the ones that ensure that nothing changes for the ruling classes. As a radical feminist techie, I think the best thing we can do is disrupt the status quo and spark imaginations...something like a techno-Situationism maybe πŸ€”

Yes! Maybe we should put together our own anthology, with more imaginative alternatives.

Sign me up! I'd quickly try to enlist Claudina Serahe, Molly Sauter, and Alexandra Juhasz. Ooh also @CoralineAda !!

Hmm, Smash In? Bash In? Flip Over? What would be a good title for an anticapitalist tech feminist compilation? Has there be one already? Paging @audrey

@kavbojka @CoralineAda

I really like "Peace Out", but maybe I'm also old. πŸ€”

@kavbojka @CoralineAda

So, to put together such a compilation, how do we go about it? Has anyone written about any such possible futures / solutions?

I love what Camille said earlier -- we need to spark imaginations.

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