A friend sent me a very sweet and encouraging note mentioning that he came across my blog post on Hacker News.

This led to me accidentally clicking on the Hacker News link and reading the first couple of comments.

Amazing how I used to think HN was a good source of news, and now it just seems to be an alternate universe. Bizarre.

@anaulin Dunno if you scrolled as far as the comment by Erem: "The author was maybe the best engineer I've had the pleasure to work with directly in my 13 years in the industry. What a treat to read her internal thoughts on the job. Highly recommend her other posts on e.g. measuring performance of engineers"

I did see that! It was Erem who emailed me the sweet note. :-)

@anaulin I now ONLY interact with HN through the snark of Webshit Weekly.

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