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If you go to , go to one of the outer islands:
e.g. Fugloy, the Eastern most island one of the remotest places I've ever been! No Google maps, no satellite pictures and has a lot of room for improvement (both natural arches near Klubbin and Eystfelli are missing, and the contour lines in are wrong, and there are no hiking paths maintained)

If you travel from to via , then visit the nice beaches of and some of the cafés on this island. Don't miss to go for a walk in the beatiful of Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage (take old pair of shoes with you, they will get wet and dirty :D). I joined an amazing guided across the sea bed from Mandø to the mainland, which I can warmly recommend:
From there you have a nice view to the big wind turbines of .

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If it’s good enough for Linus, it’s good enough for me
"Das ist auch für mich jetzt schwierig." – @Linuzifer, Sprecher des Chaos Computer Clubs, findet sich bei der Bewertung der #CoronaWarnApp in einer ungewohnten Situation wieder.

Hat jemand schon die auf dem installiert?

Mein (Android 7.1.2, Fairphone OS 19.11.2 mit Google) disconnected sich regelmäßig, wenn ich Bluetooth und Location anschalte (was die App benötigt) - irgendwelche Vorschläge/Ideen?
Ansonsten läuft die App.

Christian Felber is an interesting guy with interesting Ideas. I'm currently reading his book "Change Everything (Die Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie)"
Some of his idea: (Spanish) (English)
And some personal thoughts: (German)

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“We are really excited, but this is just a plan, and this is why it is very important that we show our support for the Right To Repair” – Miquel, Circular Innovation Lead, Fairphone.

Stand with us, by adding your name to the #RighttoRepair petition:

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I don't think there are real bears in Palatinate Forest 😆

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Trekking is now officially allowed since 18th May in Palatinate Forest.
We got a free slot on last Sunday and spend one amazing night near Hauenstein.

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"Welcome to My Garden is a platform allowing citizens to put their garden freely at disposal as a rudimentary #campsite to travelers. It's a not-for-profit initiative set up by a group of citizens."
" you can only reach the campground by foot, bicycle or public transport. Getting there with your private car is forbidden"
"This is not Dour Festival"
#camping #biking #belgium #cartography

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