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“We are really excited, but this is just a plan, and this is why it is very important that we show our support for the Right To Repair” – Miquel, Circular Innovation Lead, Fairphone.

Stand with us, by adding your name to the #RighttoRepair petition:

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I don't think there are real bears in Palatinate Forest 😆

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Trekking is now officially allowed since 18th May in Palatinate Forest.
We got a free slot on last Sunday and spend one amazing night near Hauenstein.

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"Welcome to My Garden is a platform allowing citizens to put their garden freely at disposal as a rudimentary #campsite to travelers. It's a not-for-profit initiative set up by a group of citizens."
" you can only reach the campground by foot, bicycle or public transport. Getting there with your private car is forbidden"
"This is not Dour Festival"
#camping #biking #belgium #cartography

I should have found this Firefox addon much earlier!

Thanks to @greenfediverse, which also helped me a lot to make this my new instance!

I'm glad that I have found a new home! I picked this instance, because I support the idea of a coop. If you are more into such things, I can recommend for example "Harald Welzer" or watch Krishna McKenzie from Auroville:

For more, check out my blog:

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