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Around late Summer/Autumn this year (Aug/Sep/Oct), I will #travel to #sanFrancisco #bayarea for multiple weeks because of work.

Any ideas where to visit, whom to meet or what to do?
#siliconValley #california #oregon #portland #us #usa

I'm interested in #freeSoftware #datacenters #right2repair #sustainablibility #coop #regional #organic #vegan #food #nature

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I'm looking for #games developer studios which offer #linux support, internally use #foss software (e.g. Godot, Vulkan, ...) and use #green energy for their office and their servers? Any known good companies known for #sustainability in multiple dimensions which still exist in #2021 ?
In short: Is there something like #Fairphone of #gaming?

Super leckeres Franzbrötchen Rezept entdeckt!

Weil dadurch mein Walnuss und Haselnussverbraucht gestiegen ist, habe ich Nüsse aus Europa bestellt:

Passend dazu das vegane Streichfett von Natürli!

@netzbegruenung do you know any "green" hosting for private (encrypted) backups?
("green" != hydroelectric)

I'm about to setup a small (2+1) snapraid on OMV with max 6 TB Nextcloud (privat stuff). The important stuff (0,2 - 2 TB) should be backed up via borg on external HDD and once a year rclone latest borg snapshot to the cloud (for worst worst case only).
Alternative, buy a bunch of old HDDs and put them in the cellar of my parents place :D

"John Green - Looking For Alaska" - just WOW, it's a just a book about a bunch of teenies in high school, but it's really deep and touching philosophical dimensions. I was not able to stop reading it! Thanks to Shyamal for the recommendation!

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#BadenWürttemberg ist ja das schönste Land im ganzen Land 😍. Hier gibt es so viel Dinge zu entdecken 🤩. In den #Sommerferien können ÖPNV-Jahreskarten-Besitzer*innen das Land mit allen Verkehrsverbünden kostenlos erkunden. #placetobw.

Für Familien gibt es dazu noch den Landesfamilienpass, mit freiem oder reduziertem Eintritt in viele Sehenswürdigkeiten:

If you go to , go to one of the outer islands:
e.g. Fugloy, the Eastern most island one of the remotest places I've ever been! No Google maps, no satellite pictures and has a lot of room for improvement (both natural arches near Klubbin and Eystfelli are missing, and the contour lines in are wrong, and there are no hiking paths maintained)

If you travel from to via , then visit the nice beaches of and some of the cafés on this island. Don't miss to go for a walk in the beatiful of Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage (take old pair of shoes with you, they will get wet and dirty :D). I joined an amazing guided across the sea bed from Mandø to the mainland, which I can warmly recommend:
From there you have a nice view to the big wind turbines of .

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If it’s good enough for Linus, it’s good enough for me
"Das ist auch für mich jetzt schwierig." – @Linuzifer, Sprecher des Chaos Computer Clubs, findet sich bei der Bewertung der #CoronaWarnApp in einer ungewohnten Situation wieder.

Hat jemand schon die auf dem installiert?

Mein (Android 7.1.2, Fairphone OS 19.11.2 mit Google) disconnected sich regelmäßig, wenn ich Bluetooth und Location anschalte (was die App benötigt) - irgendwelche Vorschläge/Ideen?
Ansonsten läuft die App.

Christian Felber is an interesting guy with interesting Ideas. I'm currently reading his book "Change Everything (Die Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie)"
Some of his idea: (Spanish) (English)
And some personal thoughts: (German)

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