Has anyone ever run a self-hosting co-op?

Running a few services you share with others, where they contribute either monetarily or with their own time for maintenance. Any money given is held in trust, and used for the benefit of the co-op.

I think this would work well especially for smaller sites where it doesn’t make sense to self-host things like analytics, but they could be shared across many individuals.

Virgin unorganized brain worker vs. the chad organized manual worker.

valid reasons why someone may want to wear a mask even years after the pandemic 

1) They have a cold.
2) They are allergic to pollen.
3) They find their mask fashionable.
4) They are famous and are always recognized by their fans.
5) They want to hide a blemish on the lower half of their face.
6) They don’t want to display their facial expression to others.
7) They live in a surveillance society.
8) They just want to annoy those who criticize people who wear a mask after a pandemic.

Time for another biased poll.

Do you know what CC and BCC stand for in eMail without having to look it up?

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Hi scholar.social, I'm a PhD student in Japan.

My current research interest is conservation #ecology, especially sustainable conservation and use of semi-natural grasslands in temperate Asia.

Other interests that I wish to focus on in my work include biodiversity informatics based on citizen science. As a citizen scientist myself, I enjoy using #iNaturalist to interact with naturalists around the world.

I hope to interact with common topics! :BlobCatHeart:

Q: How would you include free/libre software in a plan for community wealth building?

Think of all the local councils in the world, imagine if they all used something like LibreOffice. Some of their IT budget (i.e. public money) would go on using and improving libre software. Maybe they could work with local tech coops to work on the codebase. Money gets invested locally, code improvements can be used globally.

That amount of distributed labour, the libre offerings would easily surpass the proprietary offerings.

Capitalist realism really sucks guys, we need to start imagining alternatives to capitalism quickly or we're fucked. Things like mastodon fill me with a little bit of hope though

This way we can take advantage of the more favorable mortgages offered to individuals (in the USA), and the cooperative can build up a financial history and savings so that the property can eventually be fully transferred to the cooperative.
Hopefully this plan is more likely to work out in comparison to trying to get at commercial mortgage as a "business" with no financial history.

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update: looks like the easiest way to get financing for our housing will be to just take out a joint mortgage on the property in the names of the few of us who've got the best incomes & credit scores, and have those people rent out the rooms to the other members. The cooperative can then act as a property manager.

Did your data get breached by Facebook in its vast, ghastly, 500,000,000 person valdez? The lovely folks at Digital Rights Ireland are suing Facebook under the GDPR for money damages and they'd like to sign you up to be part of the lawsuit.


You're eligible if you live in the EU and your data was leaked. And, thanks to the GDPR, your participation in the legal action could result in Facebook being on the hook for real cash damages.



👏 join unions 👏 join co-ops 👏 join collectives

Even if all staff are fully vaccinated, the CDC recommends against holding staff meetings when they could have been an email.


Hi, everyone! We are an international worker-owned co-op.

We provide tech services with a commitment to privacy, transparency and sustainability. We have a strong commitment to libre software. You can read about our values on our website: autonomic.zone/blog/our-foundi

We are especially interested in collaborating with co-ops and other collective organisations working for a better world.


#coops #workercoops #tech #cotech #freesoftware

Hello y'all. I'm Alex (aka Marty). I joined social.coop to connect with other people interested in promoting and to learn how an online works. I'm currently a prospective member of a . I am also starting a small doing and growing . I also want to start a co-op with my 5 roommates.


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