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Just in case you weren't convinced that Racket people like recursion

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As observed by @alanz participating in RacketCon is the experience of watching a pre-recorded video played on Jay McCarthy's computer over Zoom over YouTube on

Friends are coming over for (distant) bday fun but I've pushed a bunch of updates to the #Spritely site:

Only two subsystems left to describe...!

Thinking out loud ...

People are saying the mortality rate of COVID-19 is ~ 1%. Roughly the number of cases trebles every 5 days, or roughly by 10 every 10 days.

Time from infection to death is ~3 weeks, say 20 days.

So ...

In the UK there've been 10 deaths. At 1%, that means 1000 people had the virus 20 days ago. It's multiplied by 10 twice since then. On that basis ...

The current number of infected people in the UK right now, detected & undetected, is ~ 100K.


It seems a lot of people are finding out about now that their team has transitioned to remote work. Coincidentally, we've been working on a major upgrade to our encrypted kanban app featuring a markdown editor and tagging system for all your tasks. #WFH

i believe the children are our future,
teach them well and let them lead the way,

Coronavirus shedding can last 37 days 

The tl;dr of this complicated article from the Lancet medical journal explains how people infected with #COVID19 can actively be shedding the virus (aka infecting other people) for up to 37 days.

the shortest TL;DR = You can catch this #coronavirus and have minor symptoms and be contagious for a month.

anyone can download the PDF

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i'm going to be on the opening panel for #LibrePlanet2020, which is a FSF conference on
free software and ethical technology. it's happening march 14–15; unfortunately, it's exclusively
online this year, but that means its free to watch! the schedule is at u should check it out bc some pretty cool ppl are speaking

Very pleased to have stumbled across org-roam (

I think it'll be the next step I wanted for my personal wiki that I've been keeping in org-mode.  I tried org-brain for a bit (again) and it just didn't click, and also broke my org-publish step.  org-roam just works with straight up org file links, nothin' fancy needed.

Hoping it'll get me a bit closer to TiddlyWiki in Emacs kind of thing that I'm after.

even mediocre programmers can write a program that RUNS. what distinguishes a skilled programmer isn't how well they talk to the machine, it's how well they talk to the other people who will read/write/use the code

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Please spread the word that SBC is not being shut down. And no one needs to scramble to save their content as it is not being deleted. #Sunbeam #SBC #SunbeamCity

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Hey #Guixters ! My third article on learning how to package software for #Guix has been translated.

Happy hacking with #Guix and #Guile

You can also follow me on Scuttlebutt:


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The fastest way to get your favorite Twitter user to join the Fediverse is simply to ask them for a link to their account on the Fediverse so you can follow them!

It's as simple as that.

The more people that ask journalists and other professionals to provide them with their link to their Fediverse profile, the more people will sign up and create one. #fediverse #twitter #exodus #mastodon #pleroma

A new episode with The Future Of Coding is out in which I talk about #livecoding and various other things.

Hi! People might know me for my contributions to - I have been working on a implementation of it, intensely for a year now. - Always happy to answer questions about it or SSB in general!

In this episode of Libre Lounge, @emacsen site down with Frank Karlitschek, the founder of @nextcloud to talk about #FreeSoftware and companies, the dangers of VC funding, 90s optmism about the Internet and the role of federation in the future of computing and society.

Check out this amazing conversation at

The latest in my series of case histories of #AdversarialInteroperability and the role it played in keeping tech competitive is the history of Gopher, which I was able to write thanks to the generous assistance of Gopher's co-inventor



‘The 20-minute neighbourhood is all about ‘living locally’ – giving people the ability to meet most of their everyday needs within a 20-minute walk, cycle or local public transport trip of their home’


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