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Some of us started worker-owned ;-)

Seriously, this is an awesome evolution of a truly awesome company.

Curious how close to one-person one-vote Lullabot
is now and if joining Palante, Colab Coop, and Agaric in the "Drupal-inspired" worker cooperative world might happen!

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From Jeff Robbins on Twitter:

"I no longer have control in the company’s future, but I couldn’t be happier about what it has become.


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My fifth and final post (bittersweet) in my series on Enhancing the Drupal Authoring Experience is now out.

I focus this last one on accessibility tools you can integrate into your site.

Many a11y issues are content issues, so keeping your site accessible means giving your authors the tools they need to keep it up.

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One easy way to support cooperatives: use Meet.Coop's BBB instance or MayFirst's Jitsi instance instead of Zoom etc.
Then, get your cooperative or group to use them.
(Social.Coop members get a free Meet.Coop account.)

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Is Google Analytics illegal?

Yes, said the Austrian Data Protection Authority and today the French DPA agreed!

Exciting times to be a European, privacy-focused web analytics project 🔥

Here is a social media microblog-sized post just to say we are syndicating to Mastodon and Twitter thanks to the Indieweb module!:

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Part 4 of my Enhance Your Authoring Experience is out.

This one fine tunes Drupal's admin pages, especially the Block layout page, which can be unnecessarily overwhelming for content editors.

Not that $600 or $1,200 a year are not also high for lots of community projects, but we feel it is important that community groups have the potential to shape a platform they rely on, and have as a option as well as better known WordPress, Ghost, etc SaaS.

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We have not been promoting it much, but the Drutopia approach to cooperative cost-sharing for modern Drupal heavy-hitting has been slowly chugging along, proving itself viable even without the scale still envisioned for it.

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@pixelfed is an actively developed federated (like Mastodon) image sharing platform (think Instagram, but open, ethical and privacy-respectful).

It’s getting better and better (it was very good when I joined a year ago), and pretty fast too!

Please give it a try and if you like it and wish to show appreciation or wish to support the project so it continues to grow and improve, you can back it up!

One-time, monthly or yearly donations accepted 💝

Today's Show and Tell began without any discussion plans. But a handful of us still showed up. Big thanks to @rj3000 for bringing great discussion about, a cooperative alternative to mainstream music streaming platforms. We hope to revisit this topic in the near future, but with more preparation.

We encourage anyone else doing great work in the area of and to share at Show and Tell too. Learn how to get involved at

Show and Tell will be on Thursday at 3PM ET.
In a blog post from 2020,, Ben shares his views on how the internet has failed to fulfill its promise of mass democratization, and what needs to be done about it. This week, we will be having an open discussion to expand on these views, get into detail, and bring in new ideas. We are looking forward to a rewarding Show and Tell!

More info on how to join at

Show and Tell will be on Thursday at 3PM ET.
This week we will be giving a demo of Drutopia, a distribution that Agaric has helped to configure to allow organizations to benefit from the power and flexibility of Drupal. is built with Drutopia. If this interests you, this talk will be a great opportunity to see what Drutopia looks like to a content editor and to resolve any unanswered questions.

Visit for info on how to join.

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Today's the last day you can vote for us at @hackernoon 's Noonies Awards (in the category of Economics, meow!). It only takes a second! We are really longing for that .tech domain registration! 💚 ✨ is hosting a discussion today about "What is data privacy?"
Join now at [3-4p EST]

Agaric's Show and Tell is every Thursday at 3PM ET.

This week, Yael Richardi—a representative from the Argentinian tech-worker coop federation, FACTTIC—will share lessons on the formation and operations of the federation. FACTTIC acts as a project manager and coordinates teams of member in order to take on larger projects and more effectively share work. Everyone is invited!

For more info on attending and joining our Show and Tell mailing list, visit:

Agaric's Show and Tell is every Thursday at 3PM ET.

This week we will be doing lightning rounds. We encourage anyone to join us and take 5 minutes to share about something you have been working on. If we have some extra time, then I'm sure we will stumble into some fascinating conversation!

For more info on attending and joining our Show and Tell mailing list, visit:

Last week, our Mauricio was the featured guest on the Talking Drupal podcast, where he and his hosts, Steven Cross and Nic Laflin, discussed Mauricio's "31 Days of Migrations" tutorial blog series, the premier resource on migrations!

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So @colombene and I started a blog/newsletter called Possible Futures.

It's a curation of projects and ideas, primarily in the tech industry,
working for justice.

Our first issue is on Workplace Democracy. Check it out! 🙂

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