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Agaric uses Free Software for most of our daily business operations. If the tools are not available, we actively work to find developers who are building them. No matter what kind of work you do, these privacy protecting softwares will serve you well!

Read our blog and learn how to run your business on Free Software too!

On Thursday at 3PM Eastern,
join us at our weekly Show and Tell as we continue our discussion on de-platforming!

For more info on attending and joining our show and tell mailing list, visit:

Here are some questions to get you thinking:

Do you know anyone who has been de-platformed?

Who are they? How have they and their community been affected?

What can we do about it? As a community? As tech workers?

This week at Show and Tell, we discussed the politics of de-platforming, as well as alternative communication configurations, such as federated and p2p platforms. Check in with us next week on Thursday at 3PM Eastern as the conversation continues!

Want some new skills to start a new career path in Drupal? Never touched Drupal? Now is the time... Agaric has an on-ramp for you!!
Getting started with Drupal 9

Lead instructor: Mauricio Dinarte
Date: Tuesday, October 6, 2020
Time: 9AM–5PM Eastern
Cost: $250

Sign up now and we can help you get your dev environment setup before the event!!! Govs and Universities are looking for good Drupal devs for projects - migration and upgrades ahead.

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I've been thinking of writing a blog post comparing the Find It Platform to Yelp. Because Find It is free and open source software, built between a cooperative ( @agaric ) and the City of Cambridge, co-designed with and for city residents, it serves local organizations in a truly beneficial way

as opposed to Yelp, which "serves" local businesses in a predatory way.

There are aspirations of Find It being a platform coop. I'll DM you to chat further! /cc @mlncn

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@therealraccoon @agaric I personally am in Minneapolis now and while we have a huge overall co-op scene i don't know of any pan-coop federation nor of a specifically worker-coop network in the Twin Cities, but i'd love to be corrected or be part of forming one!

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@therealraccoon sure! @agaric is in the North American network (website out of date, but the group has re-activated and is actively adding members). We're also in the Boston Chamber of Cooperatives which is for all kinds of cooperatives and i think is meant to include WORC’N, Worker-Owned and Run Cooperative Network of Greater Boston, .. which we're also in and paying for the domain name & meetup group but it isn't active.

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Back on the fediverse after a while to write some toots for @karrot , I remembered that I wrote a text for food saving/sharing groups making a case for them not to use Facebook for organizing and to choose free and open-source tools instead.

I make not only an ethical argument, but also explain why other tools are much better suited for these communities to grow and work properly:

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Karen Miller, an old friend, comrade, and CUNY prof started a co-op online homeschool a few months ago. Thousands of kids have participated. I plan to interview her for GEO...

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Wow, there is a whole public conversation going on inside the Creative Commons copy of 'Twitter & Teargas' via

Now that's what I call hypertext

And message Agaric here or via for 15% off these trainings for Mastodon people. Y'all rock!

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We're still putting on both the migration trainings we were set to give at — like most of the Drupal activities that would have happened in Minneapolis, learning about migrating data and content into Drupal 9 will now happen online!

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Here comes ! There's no trainings as part of but don't forget to check out the offerings from the many Drupal community approved organizations on

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If you or someone you know has been affected by layoffs at #mozilla, please know that 1) you/the person are brilliant and valuable regardless of employment status and 2) we are hiring for lotsa roles here at Nylas

Holler if you're even vaguely curious! #hiring #techjobs

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