Want some new skills to start a new career path in Drupal? Never touched Drupal? Now is the time... Agaric has an on-ramp for you!!
Getting started with Drupal 9

Lead instructor: Mauricio Dinarte
Date: Tuesday, October 6, 2020
Time: 9AM–5PM Eastern
Cost: $250

Sign up now and we can help you get your dev environment setup before the event!!! Govs and Universities are looking for good Drupal devs for projects - migration and upgrades ahead.


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@LeoSammallahti @starbreaker@mastodon.art

I've been thinking of writing a blog post comparing the Find It Platform to Yelp. Because Find It is free and open source software, built between a cooperative ( @agaric ) and the City of Cambridge, co-designed with and for city residents, it serves local organizations in a truly beneficial way

as opposed to Yelp, which "serves" local businesses in a predatory way.

There are aspirations of Find It being a platform coop. I'll DM you to chat further! /cc @mlncn

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@therealraccoon @agaric I personally am in Minneapolis now and while we have a huge overall co-op scene i don't know of any pan-coop federation nor of a specifically worker-coop network in the Twin Cities, but i'd love to be corrected or be part of forming one!

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@therealraccoon sure! @agaric is in the North American network techworker.coop/ (website out of date, but the group has re-activated and is actively adding members). We're also in the Boston Chamber of Cooperatives boston.coop/ which is for all kinds of cooperatives and i think is meant to include WORC’N, Worker-Owned and Run Cooperative Network of Greater Boston, worcn.org/ .. which we're also in and paying for the domain name & meetup group but it isn't active.

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Back on the fediverse after a while to write some toots for @karrot , I remembered that I wrote a text for food saving/sharing groups making a case for them not to use Facebook for organizing and to choose free and open-source tools instead.

I make not only an ethical argument, but also explain why other tools are much better suited for these communities to grow and work properly:

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Karen Miller, an old friend, comrade, and CUNY prof started a co-op online homeschool a few months ago. Thousands of kids have participated. I plan to interview her for GEO... homeschoolcoop2020.com/

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Wow, there is a whole public conversation going on inside the Creative Commons copy of 'Twitter & Teargas' via hypothes.is

Now that's what I call hypertext


And message Agaric here or via agaric.coop/ask for 15% off these trainings for Mastodon people. Y'all rock!

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We're still putting on both the migration trainings we were set to give at — like most of the Drupal activities that would have happened in Minneapolis, learning about migrating data and content into Drupal 9 will now happen online!


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Here comes ! There's no trainings as part of but don't forget to check out the offerings from the many Drupal community approved organizations on drupal.org/training

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If you or someone you know has been affected by layoffs at #mozilla, please know that 1) you/the person are brilliant and valuable regardless of employment status and 2) we are hiring for lotsa roles here at Nylas boards.greenhouse.io/nylas

Holler if you're even vaguely curious! #hiring #techjobs

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Yesterday, @pcc_global@twitter.com launched the course Who Owns the World? whoownstheworld.org/

Next week's lecture by New York Times labor correspondent @greenhouseny@twitter.com will be about unions!

Watch the live stream on January 29, 6 pm ET.

We want to help as many people as possible upgrade from 7 to 8 this year, which is why we have five upcoming trainings (with more to be scheduled!) and a list of free resources to help people get started.



We're helping PortsideOrg@twitter.com
deepen their coverage of and social justice movements in 2020 by improving their issue pages and related content algorithm.

All work is done as , free for others to use and benefit from.


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