Yesterday, our Show and Tell topic was creativity. However, we mostly talked about music!

We discussed many tools for creating and performing music, and some of us shared about our personal relationships with music and our tools of choice.

What a breath of fresh air!

We have liberating doodle-discussions at Show and Tell every Thursday at 3PM ET. Everyone is welcome!

Here is this week's doodle :)

The Agaric Show and Tell is this Thursday at 3PM Eastern:

This week, doodle with us while we discuss creativity!

What is it?
Why is it important?
What is its role in ?
How has your creativity been affected by the pandemic?

The discussion will be loose and open, so make yourself comfortable and spread the word!

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On Thursday at 3PM Eastern,
join us at our weekly Show and Tell as we continue our discussion on de-platforming!

For more info on attending and joining our show and tell mailing list, visit:

Here are some questions to get you thinking:

Do you know anyone who has been de-platformed?

Who are they? How have they and their community been affected?

What can we do about it? As a community? As tech workers?

This week at Show and Tell, we discussed the politics of de-platforming, as well as alternative communication configurations, such as federated and p2p platforms. Check in with us next week on Thursday at 3PM Eastern as the conversation continues!

Our cooperative voted to participate in the digital on September 20th.

We encourage fellow tech coops and shops to participate and stand in solidarity with students across the world walking out of school to demand .

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Website redesign 2019!

We just launched our new site and can't wait to blog about all the and adventures we'll be up to.

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