Removing bloat from websites to reduce environmental impact. Love the spirit of this, though the article could have been more pointed on the political economy driving the worst of the problems, and the technical recommendations merit debate worthy of a forum!

On the broader political economy, we need to free ourselves of corporate advertising monopolies (Google, Meta, Twitter wishes) seeking to make social media and our online lives overall addictive.

And, naturally, we need to replace capitalism with something that benefits people.

On the technical, really surprised @plausible was not mentioned. Other than that so much to decide about prioritization and where and what to cut that bloat.

Got the article from a tweet that is actually originally from the fediverse here!


Just half the res and save world! ,,, On the subject of media storage like camera megapixels and 1080p video,,, 

@agaric On the slightly different issue of media storage - camera megapixels for photos and 1080p video for what is static or not needed for detail - this would save one of the earths that is needed to spin this one so fast (up and down streams)
I think people are consuming and being taught to demand on servers like burger bars - it needs policing (training) because 1.5gb-6gb for for talking or even normal video is just sickeningly big... for streaming and for backups during that time for everything unless that 1 talk or film REALLY is worthy... and that could be kept separately

I'm collecting people who arguably misuse storage lol !

#PeerTube is also guilty for defaulting on highest stream quality for people on tiny screens... so tech and people are full of it - technically good people I've encouraged talk about it and they only mentioned how much I write more than how MA$$IVE their American storage back-ends are.

So ALL things on ALL levels are political and need re-evaluating ( on other behalf as we all normalise and get too deep / can't change ourselves so easily )

Doing so much floppy disk then CD, now Gigabytes for what arguable could be <150mb of audio for a lot of this stuff and some screenshot pics!

It's so easy to spend diskspace without that old previous mentality.... that it's PRECIOUS!
I know the topic was a bit different- so sorry. But another variant of saving world as video (if comparing is perhaps more intensive or sizewise brute force than anything I can think of)... but only if we're comparing / prioritising because it's all really worth doing I guess unless you're 'creating' bloat!!,

" just half the res and save world ! "
Good tag line no?

And then do more other stuff with that space or even SAVE IT!!

The new all-you-can-eat download space is damaging people and fattening them in similar ways...

Just half the res and save world! ,,, On the subject of media storage like camera megapixels and 1080p video,,, 

@freeschool @agaric

I also found this a bit weird in the article. First they say that the largest part of the data is used by YouTube, porn and on-demand. But that is the last time they mention video/audio, from there on they focus on websites.

But I think their reason for it is that mobile users won't have to upgrade their phones so soon if the web is better.

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