Show and Tell will be on Thursday at 3PM ET.
This week we will be giving a demo of Drutopia, a distribution that Agaric has helped to configure to allow organizations to benefit from the power and flexibility of Drupal. is built with Drutopia. If this interests you, this talk will be a great opportunity to see what Drutopia looks like to a content editor and to resolve any unanswered questions.

Visit for info on how to join.

Drutopia is for 'websites'? How about making, say, a handbook or help manual? Sections, subsections, chapters, index/contents, supporting materials/annexes. Not for casual browsing across a handful of core concerns. For systematic documentation & search.

Could navigation easily be made to look 'book-like'? Eg a sidebar with page links nested at least two layers deep, maybe three, with disclosure triangles. D'you have an example somewhat like that?

Is Drutopia the right tool for that?

@mike_hales Drutopia is great for small to medium size organizations that want to edit content (people pages, articles, blogs, events, basic pages, landing pages with "featured" content blocks, and more) directly on their site. Drutopia is probably not what you are looking for. What you are describing sounds more like "Read the Docs", which we happen to use for our own documentation:

@agaric Great, thanks. Currently we use gitBook but it has disadvantages. We'll check out Readthe Docs.

@agaric D'you happen to know . . in ReadtheDocs, is it possible to nest page links in the nav sidebar? Your Drutopia example has a nav scheme that's just one layer deep, two or three would be perfect.

@mike_hales I am not sure at the moment if you can nest "page" links in the sidebar. I will try to get an answer. I do know, however, that you can nest "heading" links in there. Click "Quickstart" on the Drutopia docs links for an example.

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