Join us tomorrow, Wed Feb 20th from 11-11:30am

for a discussion on coops helping coops, especially in the tech realm. Even if you're not part of a coop but are interested in how this works please attend if you can!

@agaric Prolly should have gone with Jitsi meet as it doesn't require people to install non free software on their system or create an account.

@squeakypancakes @agaric

Sadly, I've never successfully used Jitsi - has it gotten better recently?

@mattcropp @agaric I haven't used it recently but I did just look at it and the UI didn't look terrible.

@squeakypancakes @agaric Early on in we made a few attempts at conference calls with Jitsi which failed pretty hard, and have not given it another go since. That might've changed, but, for fairly large video conference calls, there does not really seem to be a reliable FOSS option rn... :/

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