One of our clients is , a curated news site for the left.

Are there ways they could bring value to the and ? & the Fediverse questions

1. Would you follow them if they posted their articles here?

2. Would you comment on articles they posted? Would you be more likely to post if your comment was shared back via webmentions? (

3. Anything else Portside could do to further independent journalism and the fediverse?

@agaric I wasn't familiar with Portside before, thanks for the link. Already found high quality and informative things there. I probably will return on my own going forward, but:

1. yes, I'd follow them

2. I'd comment some, I'm not sure yet what effect webmentions would have for me on that

3. Not sure

@wolftune awesome, thanks for the feedback 👍 and glad you find the site useful!

@agaric Portside should join and post articles, like GEO does. At the same time, it would be good for Portside to pick up coop and solidarity economy stories.

@Matt_Noyes Right on. They do post a lot of articles on those topics so I could see this instance being a good fit.

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