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ok wow! amazing! And oof, sorry for the late reply to this thread we started awhile ago. Time to up our mastodon game. lol

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@agaric πŸ‘‹ I'm primarily a python/django developer but i have done quite a bit of php in the past, and still do a little bit (for now!)

@agaric Hi, I code Python. I write mostly back-end stuff. Looking to learn a little PHP and Drupal because we're Drupalifying at work.

@agaric tons! right now i'm working on circuitpython and some adjacent projects as a contractor for adafruit; i have also written a whole bunch of php, mostly for e-commerce purposes.

@agaric Hi! Brighton UK based general PHP and Drupal person. Good to see others in this place.


At least one.

Currently leading a team of 3 developing a Drupal 8 based site for CELA, the Canadian organization that supplies alternative accessible format media for Canadian public libraries.

#drupal #php

@AccessibleCoder that sounds AWESOME. if you end up writing about it we'd love to read more

@agaric Hi there! taking our first steps on mastodon as worker's owned coop building drupal websites and hosting nextcloud/matomo/civicrm/peertube... Sounds familiar? :-)

@nestor Amazing! Glad to find some kindred spirits here in the fediverse.

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