Also, we know that how a company account relates to the is a bit of unchartered territory. There's also justified concern with protecting this space from the consumer mindset and commercialism that dominates corporate platforms.

As a coop we'll try and tread lightly and be sensitive to this. (feedback on behavior welcomed!)

Maybe we should have held off on our second toot from being about a service we're offering? 🤔 😬

@agaric In my opinion company accounts do have a place in the fediverse, so it's good that someone is charting the terrain.

But not just any kind of company accounts. The focus shouldn't be on marketing, but on genuinely communicating with people, i.e. customer support when problems arise.

Really the only thing still useful on Twatter are customer support accounts that are easy to contact and that give actually useful answers.

@Stoori Thanks for the input. Since none of our clients (at the moment!) are in the fediverse we're hoping that we can share the many resources we develop freely with others in this space. Also boost the work of others in the cooperative and libre software space.

That can blur into marketing so I think that's the gray area we'll need to be mindful of.

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