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we're a tech scattered across
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we build and love

are a proud shop with the

and believers in the

@agaric Are you both a worker co-op and unionized? Can you please expand on that?

@mayel Not sure if @agaric is following this model, but I was just reading about this the other day.

A Mondragon - United Steelworkers collaboration to help unionized businesses adopt a cooperative model.

@protean @mayel in a modest adjacent way yes. one of our members has helped form a tech worker organizing committee in Denver. One of their focuses is helping incubate a new tech coop. helping unionized shops transition to coops would be rad too though.

@mayel @agaric Hi Mayel. I worked for almost a decade at a workers cooperative bike shop that was organized with the #IWW . We decided that it was important to us to be a part of the labor movement even if we didn't have a boss to organize against.

@mayel good question - yes we are both. The logic there is fourfold:

* be part of a larger formation that could coordinate benefits and services we as a smaller coop can't do alone
* more effectively participate in the growing movement needed to insist on ethical tech
* better lend solidarity to workers in other industries
* ensure our own coop stays democratic with a formal mechanism of worker control (we've seen other coops grow to become reformist/exploitative of workers)

@Nixfreak very good! are you involved in freesoftware, union or coop spaces?

@agaric all I do is use open software. Linux, FreeBSD. What are coop spaces , sorry for being ignorant

@Nixfreak No worries,

coop being short for cooperative - as in companies run democratically.

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