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If you can help, it would be very much appreciated, especially considering we will probably need to upgrade again going forward to cater to new users coming over from birbsite.

.ART runs entirely on community funding. There are not and will never be ads, and everything is moderated and managed by real people. <3

The issue with QRTs is that optimization for engagement makes us feel a sort of personal relationship with the interface, and thus with the elements (messages, people) shown in the interface. QRTs may be excellent to illustrate systemic problems, but due to this 'optimization' are used to name and shame other users.

Depression / anxiety illustration 

Not the best day. Fountain pen on A3.

OpenBSD developers, deleting thousands of SLOCs so your employer doesn't have to

Computer science class advice (CW studies, work) 

@afr I like the thoughts, but I would like to suggest changing one word. I would like to replace "you" with "we" in that last sentence, so it reads:

"In order to be a successful student, *we* _must_ prioritize quality over quantity, if anything to afford a career that will request you to code well, not fast."

You can't do it alone. We must demand it together. :)

I'm overly excited at the idea of installing Guix on my laptop.

Having done about 7 installments of Silverwood, the art is wanting to evolve into a direction and so I'm exploring what that might be like - I'm gonna let it go where it wants to go
Couple of character studies, Helen Silverwood on the left, Kate Silverwood on the right

#mastoart #creativetoots #fediart #illustration #comics #noir #graphic #originalcharacter #design #scifi #drawing #exploration #test

Computer science class advice (CW studies, work) 

> A feature is a piece of code that _will_ make your whole program run slower, and _may_ introduce bugs, including unauthorized local or remote access to confidential, sensitive, or otherwise important data (e.g. results from an experiment for scientific research). In order to be a successful student, you _must_ prioritize quality over quantity, if anything to afford a career that will request you to code well, not fast.

Want an example? Have an example.

(2) A gaming chat server whose room creators have small crowns next to their usernames (in the roster). Similar "nice boys' games" medieval iconography for Facebook moderators/admins.

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When I say "capitalistic social media", I mean a rational, science-based attempt at (1) using new technologies to outrun our natural selection-based survival instinct, (2) embracing our education's structure to convey messages, needs, desires to our primitive selves, through this last line of defense, and (3) using the web to become ubiquitous and integrated in our sovereign perception of our ordinary life (The Social Construction of Reality, Berger and Luckmann, 1966).

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Ubuntu was, to my knowledge, the only attempt at bringing a cohesive, cross-platform aesthetic on a desktop and mobile GNU/Linux operating system. I hear a lot about UX design, but nothing so ambitious – and pedantic users, and capitalistic social media, have killed it.

If you're interested about our society being interdependant, you may read Émile Durkheim's 1893 thesis, "Of the division of social labour", or even better, Robert Castel's 1995 "From Manual Workers to Wage Laborers. Transformation of the Social Question"

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Talking about "social media" always normalizes optimization for engagement, and tends to make our conversations gravitate around people, not ideas.

ActivityPub servers aren't social media. They're a metaverse: not a unified, real-life-like system of interdependant relationships, but a loose graph of contents and cognitive resources *about* it.

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To work properly, Element's delight needs to create the illusion of a personal relationship between the interface and the user. We don't say "hi Element" when we start the app (some people do start programs by saying "hey Siri" or smiling at their webcams, however), but optimization for engagement makes every interaction, every content read somewhere seem personal.

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Ok, time to be boring again.

An interesting example of optimization for engagement is Element's delight project. Essentially, rewarding user interactions with the app to develop network growth. Interesting how New Vector asserts this on the user: what if I didn't want you to trick my time-tested happiness and personal development system (which is how a human makes the best legacy they can for future generations)? Oh well, you've called it "delight", nevermind.

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By definition, ActivityPub contents are the web's official metaverse.

It's interesting because we went from the web (a network of ideas) to social networks (networks of people).

Also, doesn't it affect you slightly differently when ubiquity means the opportunity to check new designs on Everpress than when it means creating low quality contents for an ads-funded media?

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