You may have seen a toot from the Mastodon project getting boosted, announcing a high-priority upcoming security patch. We've also seen it - we've already upgraded our server to the preparatory version 3.4.5, and will apply the security patch (v3.4.6) ASAP once it is available.

Expect minimal downtime at some point during Thursday morning EST for this upgrade.

for reference: - tech working group meeting 

there will be another meeting of our tech working group tomorrow (6/30) at 19:30 UTC.

Meeting agenda is at and it contains the link.

usually these meetings are pretty quick and light, and they're open to anyone interested.

see y'all tomorrow!

UPDATE - issues with media attachments on 

There is an outage at the datacenter we use for media storage.

The most recent update reads: "Our Engineering team has identified the cause of the issue with Spaces in our AMS3 region and is actively working on a fix. We will post an update as soon as additional information is available."

You can follow the incident status here: tech call 

Tech call tonight! Normal time -> 19:30 UTC


Note there is a new call link in the pad as we're trying out and their BigBlueButton instance (who came up with that name??).

Ping some possible attendees: @redoak @idmyn @michel_slm @wooster tech call tonight 

tech call is tonight! same details as usual:
- time: 19:30 UTC
- pad:
- call link:

Ping @redoak @idmyn @michel_slm @wooster anyone else welcome too! tech call 

πŸ“² tech call tonight! 19:30 UTC

pad -->
call link -->

Ping @idmyn @redoak @michel_slm @wooster

(and we were going to have occasional attendance from community team people too? anyone? @mattcropp @Matt_Noyes @emi ... not sure who else) maintainance, server reboot, downtime 

I'll be rebooting the server shortly (sometime in the next hour), there will be some downtime during that, hopefully short, but you never know...

Feel free to come and hang out in the tech chat room tech meeting 

Next tech meeting is tonight!

Standard time is 19:30 UTC but if everyone could make it at 20:00 UTC instead tonight that would really help my day scheduling!

Pad -->

Pinging the regulars: @idmyn, @redoak, @michel_slm tech meta, upgrade commencing 

πŸš€ doing the upgrade in a few minutes from now! there will be a short period of downtime whilst the upgrade happens.

πŸ’¬ come and join us (aka me) in the matrix tech chat room if you want some company -->

πŸ‘‹ see you on the other side... tech upgrade 

πŸš€ time for some upgrades this weekend!

βœ… as the others went very smoothly, I feel optimistic we can go up to the very latest release (v3.1.2)

⏰ I don't know exactly when I will do it, have to fit around energy/schedule as usual, but downtime should be minimal as before. I'll announce again just before the downtime starts. is now "connected" with keybase somehow, so if you're into that sort of thing, you can verify your account with keybase (or is it the other way around πŸ€”). explains a bit more, and @michel_slm is the first person to have done it.


πŸš€ seems to have gone ok!

πŸ› let me know if you experience any issues πŸ˜„

βœ… ... and finally we have polls, do you like them:

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πŸ’ͺ ok, gunna start the upgrade, going for v2.9.3

πŸ’» Merge request --->

πŸ€— There will be some short downtime, come on over to the matrix chat if you need some company --->

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time for the next round of mastodon upgrades for this weekend πŸš€

current is v2.7.4
target is v2.8.4, or maybe v2.9.3 if it feels ok (last one before v3!)

as before, I won't say exactly when, have to fit it around my plans/moods/energy, which fluctuate quite a lot lately πŸ“Š

downtime should be minimal anyway, I'll announce when it begins...

Our next tech group call is in half an hour:

- 9:30PM CET (Berlin)
- 8:30PM GMT (London)
- 3:30PM EST (New York)

Ping @wu_lee @idmyn @redoak - any others welcome to join too.

Join tech chat matrix/riot channel -->!akkaZImONy

I'll do some upgrades over the weekend πŸš€

Not sure exactly when as I have to fit it in around some movable plans 🎟️

I won't be too ambitious with them, but get some progress going at least πŸ’“

(there should not be much down time though πŸ’£ πŸ’₯)

The emergency maintenance is complete, is now running 2.6.4.

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