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"We think we’re searching #Google; Google is actually searching us. We think that these companies have #privacy policies; those policies are actually #surveillance policies." #SurveillanceCapitalism #FuckOffGoogle

Regulating open source code under anti-money-laundering regulations would hurt the free expression rights of software creators in the UK and their collaborators around the world.

Positively surprised that in the first presentation at #RightsCon there have already been several calls to prioritise people over corporations, and stop surveillance capitalism. We are in the right place.

These companies could just as easily sell us machines that can be changed as we see fit. I've learned this running Linux on my laptop: Once you get going, it's quite awesome to be able to change out an OS every once and a while—try something new, get a bit of a facelift. And not just the prescribed version upgrade, but a pivot to another wacky community of developers. Another *philosophy* of computing. It's that comparative philosophy, really that the monopolies are holding us back from.

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@ntnsndr For heaven's sake get a 60$ Nexus 5, put Ubuntu Touch or whatever on it and you are good to go.

@sir Folks younger than me in the city where this happened don't know about it. That is amazing.

I remember seeing it as a teenager and really thought, for a moment, that #China was about to change.

It was amazing to watch it happen to #Russia.

#tankMan #communism #democracy

Breakdown of the price of a cup of coffee. Owner of the retail land/space gets 88x more than the coffee bean grower, and the cafe owner 25x more. The chart doesn't bother to break down the split between the owner of the land/plantation and the actual workers though.

Climate crisis needs to be addressed as a problem with society rather than the individuals:

I love that site!
experiences of anyone?? @dajbelshaw
I'm liking the idea of for digital 'cultural' libraries &
@hamishcampbell maybe useful for ?

f(x) = 2 + sqrt(-(x - 2)^2 + 1)
g(x) = 2 - sqrt(-(x - 2)^2 + 1)
h(x) = 3x - 3
i(x) = -3x + 9
j(x) = 0, 2x + 1, 7

What do you see? ☀️ 

Anyone have experience of this platform? Feedback wanted.
Mercurial SCM

Persistence and profits pay off for Bangladeshi #farmers <> Tags: #Nomad #farming #cooperative #dairy

*via Nomad client (Source)

There's a culture of negativity forming on the fediverse, similar to other platforms. The instinct is to call attention to it and critique it, but that itself is just creating more negativity

I think a better tactic is to make a conscious effort to create and spread more positive content, even simple stuff like the plants you're growing or the meal you're having

#FederateThis as we said at #occupy "Another World is Possible."
Decentralised and federated systems offer #xr #activists a truly #opensource future. #leavefacebook

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