Surely, the use of the word "broken" implies it used to work OK?!
I think a brief reading of history, shows this NOT to be the case!!

Now I am off bigger social media sites I find myself subscribing to rss feeds from people’s blogs. Its like going back in time but also feels like progress.

I am looking for any rss feeds that may be of my interest if you can suggest some. Topics include but not limited to:

Design (hardware, software, ui)
Game design
Gardening/ nature
Making things
Reliable news

“Switch don’t Bitch” : a cooperative campaign to get Australians to switch from banks to credits and mutuals! social.coop/media/9FWrkR_lL_xo

religion, emoji spam 

So copy & paste wordage gives you...
:anarchy_muslim: :-O an no??

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