@adinfinitum I see you're also at librem.one? How is it over there?


@ntnsndr Yes, I registered @ceilotierra mainly to test the viability of their product/service - their adaptation of the matrix protocol, the integration with & the overall provision of a "brand identity"

Maybe its the way I use but I find it the same as most instances (but I rarely check the federated timeline - in reference to the reported I believe is more important than

The interests I have are with cooperation & distributed networks - NOT the "cock-waving" antics of certain ego-driven maniacal individuals!

I wish to help reboot our system and do not seek a repetition of the norm (ie. !)
One benefit I see with unlike the 'silos' of the proprietary era - is choice.
- my father taught me, the best form of censorship, is the self.

Yes, this was sort of my point! following seems the suitable method of personalising your feed & self-screening the waffle! No?
Or is it the federated equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears & whistling?!

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