Now I am off bigger social media sites I find myself subscribing to rss feeds from people’s blogs. Its like going back in time but also feels like progress.

I am looking for any rss feeds that may be of my interest if you can suggest some. Topics include but not limited to:

Design (hardware, software, ui)
Game design
Gardening/ nature
Making things
Reliable news

“Switch don’t Bitch” : a cooperative campaign to get Australians to switch from banks to credits and mutuals!

Binance Research Report - First Look: Libra - An in-depth review of Facebook's long-anticipated entry into cryptocurrency

Binance Research, the market and research analysis arm of Binance, discusses Libra, Facebook’s first cryptocurrency, from a technical and analytical perspective along with the potential impacts of this new entrant to the market.

1. Participatory publishing: any person or local group sharing the goals of the website can submit articles.
2. Support: the group which runs the website can help contributors with the writing and editing of their articles through a collective interface.
3. Openness: the website isn’t the property of a particular group, it aims to reflects the diversity of ideas and practices that exist locally.
4. Anti-authoritarian ideas: all the websites within the network aim to push forward emancipatory ideas and practices, resistance to authority, and anti-capitalist ideals.
5. Dissemination: we take steps to ensure the content of the websites can be spread massively
6. Integration within a local context.
7. Mutual aid between members of the network.
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"It doesn’t have to be this way. We can call a halt to the madness – throw a wrench in the juggernaut. By de-enclosing social goods and restoring the commons, we can ensure that people are able to access the things that they need to live a good life without having to generate piles of income in order to do so, and without feeding the never-ending growth machine"

Degrowth: A Call for Radical Abundance —

@tbeckett @neil this is stupid. Free software is about empowering the user. The keyboard doesn't care what color your skin is or what types of chromosomes you have. Furthermore I want to know why everyone seems to insist that being labeled as a white male imbues you with some unique kind of original sin and makes you unable to see things from other peoples' perspectives. This kind of self-flagellation disgusts me.

Cooperation Jackson

building a economy anchored by a network of and other types of worker owned and democratically self-managed

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