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Question to mastodon users.
Since we are heavy hubzilla users we post now everything via hubzilla. In that way with one post we cover the entire fediverse (diaspora, friendica, gnysocial, mastodon, and all activitypub stuff).

Do you guys see those reshares (people that follow us on mastodon account)?

Generally we would like to advise everyone to start following disroot@hub.disroot.org

@adinfinitum we are looking for similar provision within EU. if anyone can assist?

We aren’t alone in the fight. Artists, websites, technologists, and more are up in arms about this looming Internet catastrophe.

@wordpress, @Kickstarter, @patreon, @Shapeways, @Bandcamp, all say no to #article13 engine.is/news/category/creato

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