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Court rules he could be released on bail pending a decision on his extradition to Spain on Thursday.… #Catalonia #Spain #Germany #Europe
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Rediscovering the open web: #OpenWeb is trending right now. At least, I suspect it is. It’s kind of hard to accurately determine what’s trending on the open, decentralized web. And that’s a good thing.

#mastodon #diaspora #DeleteFacebook

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If anyone is interested, just threw this together in #gimp for quitting #facebook in style. You can set it as your cover photo.

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"an increasing portion of Twitter’s revenue is coming from its data licensing business, which 'makes this money from selling user data even from private messages.'" <- That means Twitter is selling data from your DMs. 🧐
RT Twitter plunged to its lowest price in 6 weeks after short-seller Citron Research said it was betting against the company

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World map of Mastodon users by instance location over the last hour. Yes, it's really big in Japan. See more stats:

| Open Source Software for

Sourcefabric is Europe's largest developer of open source software for news media, powering news and media organisations around the world.

Openmedianetwork/openweb" /><meta property="og:url" content=" /><meta property="og:description" content="openweb - Activist and NGO installs of a twitter project (Mastodon) to help people move off the world.

- Activist and NGO installs of a twitter project (Mastodon) to help people move off the world.

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This March 17th, remember St. Gertrude's Day, celebrating the patroness of travellers, gardeners, and cats; protector against mice, rats, and mental illness.

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The Daily Mail's youtube channel has been banned for violating the community guidelines


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via Julia Reda

"Have you ever used @github? At your company, your university, your NGO or at home? Then you should be worried about EU reform:"

[TN: Intellectual Property is theft]

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The #fashernistas are now flooding into #openweb projects. Reminder "closed" dues not work and "open" is hard to hold in place.

Common sense "closed" will be pushed on to the openweb reboot and "open" will be pushed aside leading to the reboot failing.

Please judge projects by the #4opens before pushing and supporting them to take a step to a positive outcome.

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I'm really sorry, guys. I dropped my can of Void Juice and it started consuming the universe. If you see a creeping black nothingness, please do not touch it

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Server upgrade
( !For real! )

Tonight it's on. We are upgrading our infrastructure. For real!

We are going to deploy new database server as well as upgrade file storage capacity.

We hope to be able to do all that at once, with minimal downtime possible. However disroot platform might be offline for even few hours.