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I created a group for meet-ups:

And here's a proposed for members (or any other interested folks) who'll be in for :

Please let me know if that works, or any counter-proposals @ntnsndr @matslats @richdecibels @Wtebbens @oli @Stacco @neil (please tag anyone I may have missed!)

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and for membership of this great .
We are seeking (proof of cooperation) to become a of Granada
is seeking to collect and distribute for local & mapping of the region of southern Spain.
We Seek "Cooperation NOT Corporation."

@mayel I have just requested membership for 😏 any chance of expediating it amigo? collaboration 💫

What comes after capitalism? - Earth's cooperative ecosystem for a fair economy on Vimeo

Constellation Governance Model | Centre for Social Innovation

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Can we please add a new rule to the Internet Rulebook?

Something like "Rule XXX: there's nothing that can't be made worse by applying blockchain to it"

: Project & Contact Manager
Looks like an interesting platform base?

It looks like I have a full weekend with my & !! time!! Updates for &
So a or ??

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A Guide for Those Ready to Change Themselves and the World

It is with great thanks to that I shall be attending
Next... Open Space proposal.